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12 hrs prep

morals are off

takes place in gotham city (night)

DS gear: 2 pistols with unlimited and a silencer for each (he doesnt have to have them a attached), a fully loaded M16 assault rifle with an extra 20 round clip, 3 frag grenades, promethium katana, promethium power staff, promethium mesh costume

Green Arrow gear: Ollie: custom bow, unlimited normal arrows, 10 explosive arrows, 5 glue arrows, 20 boxing glove arrows, 5 sonic arrows, katana, standard costume

Connor: custom made bow, unlimited normal arrows, 10 explosive arrows ,unlimited shurikens, 3 Recon-1 knifes (one located in boot), standard costume

Boba Fett gear: scoped EE-3 carbine blaster rifle (unlimited ammo), Czerka ZX miniature flame projector (in left gauntlet with 3 minutes usage), Dur-24 wrist laser (in left gauntlet with 5 uses), Kelvarex Consolidated Arms MM9 mini concussion rocket (in left gauntlet with 2 rockets), Fibercord whip (in right gauntlet), rocket dart launchers in knee pads armed with Fex-M3 with molecular acid in left, and malekite themfar with explosive tips in left (both have only one dart), blaster pistol (fully loaded), Mitrinomon Z-6 jetpack with grappling hook attached and with 10 minutes of fuel, Durasteel mandalorian armor and helmet.

i know boba seems to have a lot more gear, but he has limits to how much he can use that gear.

who wins?

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IMO team takes it. If Green Arrow and Conner can distract DS, then Boba could attack from the air. But it'd be a tough battle.