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Slade just accept a contrat to kill TMNT and he got his standart equipment

Round 1:One after one Slade will face against them and he will got 5 min break after each figth.Takes place in NY

Round 2:All turtles against Slade.Takes place in NY

Round 3:same as round 1 but in TMNT sewers

Round 4: same as round 2 but in TMNT sewers

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Deathstroke wins all rounds. I would have put a lot more work into the this post though if you hadn't done the whole round 1,2,3,4 thing...

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Deathstroke with his standard equipment means he gets his Promethium sword. With just that piece of gear, he can (and will) cut through ALL of their weapons like a hot knife through butter. He wins this fight by default.

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In a one-on-one H2H combat, Deathstroke wins. But with all the Ninja Turtles against him at once, he is defeated.

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Deathstroke all rounds

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Together, they got their asses handed to them by agent Bishop who has similar power and skillset only not as good. They die.