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John Constantine:


  • Deathstroke is hired to kill Constantine and takes 5 days to figure out how he's going to do it. Both Pre-52 and New 52 feats prep feats are allowed however DS has his pre-52 gear.
  • Constantine finds out pretty late in the game that DS is out for his head and has 12 hours to prepare himself. As New 52 Constantine doesn't have many feats I will allow both Hellblazer and current one.
  • Morals On
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap


Constantine is inside the building and Slade is aware of this

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Is it even possible for Deathstroke to find a prep counter to Magic?

When he fought Zatanna he took her out before words could be said, however what protection would he have to guard himself from John who would put a Curse on him.