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Deathstroke Vs Hitman

Right, try this one again...



If you don't know the characters, look them up...


Someone has hired Deathstroke to take out Tommy Monaghan, aka Hitman... the same person has also tipped off Tommy about the hit...

the fit hit's the shan finally in a warehouse in Gotham City where they face off...

Please use logic and reasoning in your posts :D

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hitman took on lobo. had deathstroke fought the entire jla without superman? i'm sure the one who did the hiring was batman. lol his verion of taking out the trash without having to do it himself.

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Deathstroke for the win.
His superhuman reflexes enable the win.

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Deathstroke wins here... but I think this battle is a little closer than what it seems from the voting... Hitman is indeed a threat here