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This fight takes place in here and both get a m-16 with 100 armored piercing rounds,a katana each and a bo staff. Deathstroke gets an hour long info lesson on data. Data gets to do 10 mins research on deathstroke. ,vs,

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What the hell? I would have said Deathstroke without the armor piercing rounds.

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do we count enterprise as an standard equipment for data?

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Any kind of battle that involves a robot, especially the Terminators (that is, from the Terminator movies), Data, Robocop, etc., I'm in. Data could probably absorb more info in 10 minutes than Deathstroke could in an hour due to Data's advanced positronic brain. But it won't help just a whole lot in the fight. Deathstroke and Data both obviously have INSANE speed and reflexes. With an M16 I give it to Deathstroke. With a bow staff, it would be really close but Deathstroke again. If Deathstroke can beat the Flash while he was running full speed he can take out Data. With a katana Data would probably win but not after sustaining enough damage to die shortly afterward.

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@GenPatton: d/s beat flash at full speed?? wow,,data might have probs here then,,i was going to say data 5.5/10 winner..now not so sure.

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Hm. Why was this bumped?

Deathstroke ... in a dear lord type stomp.

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Data does make thousands of calculations per second. But I feel like 10 minutes of prep wouldn't be enough for Data to beat somebody like Slade. Especially while Slade has more prep time. I say Deathstroke.

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Off topic question about deathstroke but did he always have precog or is this something new to post flashpoint deathstroke?