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BA stom

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Mhmmmmm... How about when Lobo dies DS with be able to beat The True Champion

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Black Adam ftw

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Black Adam got no weakness so he would stomp Slade pretty much. Maybe if he removes the crystal he wins but otherwise he is screwed

#56 Posted by Cable_Extreme (8689 posts) - - Show Bio

Slade would probably trick Adam into hurting himself, or convince him to revert back into his normal form or something. Plot goes a long way with Slade.

In a straight up Battle, Slade wouldn't win, no advantages to take unless Slade had someone BA cared about out of reach or something.

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Adam slaughterhouse.

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slade would have to trick Black Adam in to bring the lightening down and then get BA in front of it then kill him or at least mute him before he could transform him again

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Slade gets 3-0 Bodied

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Slade can't win this.

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I don't know how Deathstroke could beat Adam but I'm not Deathstroke. Maybe he could come up with some great plan to defeat his opponent but for now I'm going with Teth.

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But ya see! Deathstrokes like, so cool and good with prep, he'd obviously make a sound machine that when directed at someone will make whatever they say turn to whatever word is programmed on the machine, in this case, the machine would transcribe Black Adam's 4th wall text into "SHAZAM!" And like, Deathstroke Would totally win. He would do it too, because He's Deathstroke, the coolest most awesome assassin in the world and he is just so cool and impossible to beat!