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The fight takes place in an abandoned warehouse. Baron Zemo is inside and Deathstroke comes in. Who wins?

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Probably Deathstroke.

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Deathstroke wins with ease. 

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Baron Zemo sucks now. He just lost to Sharon Carter, I don't know if that's bad writing or not.  
But if you give him prep and access to all his gear he could maybe beat Dathstroke a few rounds but Deathstroke will probably still take a majority... that's pretty much the only way he beats people is with prep. 

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Deathstroke beats him. He's superior in virtually every category.

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@god_spawn said:

Deathstroke beats him. He's superior in virtually every category.

This, if Zemo could get by Swordsman Deathstroke wins this easily

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Slade easily...

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Deathstroke, no contest.

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@Maruke: Is this the son or the father?

if it was the Father, DS takes this..

If this was the son, it will put up a good fight...and DS will have slight edge.

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