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47 gets 12 hours prep time, Deathstroke gets none. They have all their weapons. 

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Horrible stomp in favor of DS

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Agent 47 is know to be unlikable. I think he meet his downfall. Or not.

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Deathstroke wins

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Looool this is funny. HItman can't even hurt his nth armor

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I don't know DS so much... I know he has some captain america type experiment to him and he has some kind of super brain, but what kind of character (I'm more used to DC heroes) he could face head on?

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@SNascimento:Most of Marvel and DC street levellers, Taskmaster, Captain America, Black Panther, Batman, Nightwing, Bane,Bucky, Wolverine (but it's debatable whether he'd win), Deadpool, and many others