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Battle takes place in Down Town Gotham City Midnight (Unpopulated) Image Below.

Deathstroke has his usual gear for this encounter & full info on D.

D Has his usual gear but no idea on his opponent & is in a relaxed mood for starters.

Rules -No BFR, Time travel allowed.

Win is by KO, Death or surrender.

Who Wins?


Deathstroke starts to the west in China Basin & D to the East in East Park Side.
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@Chaos Prime: With prep Deathstroke can take him

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@dondave said:

@Chaos Prime: With prep Deathstroke can take him

isnt prep at such, just full info on wot D can do.For arguments sake lets say he gets a manual on D & has 2 hrs to read up on him :)

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Any other views on this deadly encounter?

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@Chaos Prime: i think that deathstroke would win, but it would be a tough battle. D has been able to take down some pretty serious opponents, and Deathstroke has too. They are both extremely skilled swordsman, and are great in H2H. The advantage DS has over D is his armor. they are almost equal on skill, but DS has the armor that will protect him that one time, and give him the chance to cut the boy in half.

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This almost spite. D has thrown a stake so hard and fast the sh!t caught fire. He's dodge and blocked laser fire. The MuthaF***'s beaten Gods. D for the win.

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Vampire Hunter D Vol.14 "Dark Road Prt1&2" Page 194

The exoskeleton was equipped with automatic repair circuits. They would work to restore not only the armor, but also the person using it. 

D's sword had narrowly missed Roland's heart, instead piercing his right lung clean through to his back. The laws of physics said it was impossible to penetrate the armor, yet the swordsman had come to within a fraction of an inch of skewering the man within it -- thanks to his peerless skill with a blade. What's more, Roland's cellular tissue wouldn't knit back together. An injury from an ordinary sword or spear -- or even from a bullet -- could be healed by the ageless and immortal flesh of the Nobility in the blink of an eye, with the wound closing immediately. Even nerve-cell damage that human beings never recovered from could be repaired by an ability on par with the mythical Hydra. It wasn't a special sword. And this hadn't been some bizarre sword technique that could bend three-dimensional space. It was just an ordinary thrust. And yet, the ravaged cells gave the duke searing pain, and the lifeblood gushing out required immediate medical attention.

Armor is meaningless. Deathstroke, with or without prep, is nothing to "D".
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D would win

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That cinch the deal for me. D should win base on stats and cutting through near impenetrable armor.

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Vampire Hunter D Vol.5 "The Stuff of Dreams" Page 164

"This time we'll be using these," dozens of mounted Harold images declared in unison, showing the weapons they had in their right hands: rough wooden stakes. "I hear these things work just dandy on dhampirs, too. And just so you know, we're all real. If there're a hundred of us, we'll drive a hundred stakes into you. Except we're gonna do it a little differently. Like this!"

Streaks of white light flew from the right hands of a few of them. As the whirling stakes rained down on him from horseback, D became a black wind and dashed into action.

Perhaps the images of Harold in the foremost row knew what they were doing as they called out to attack in low voices, each with a stake in one hand. The question remained: what would happen when the lone beautiful figure collided with the countless black ones?

If Harold's plan had a single miscalculation, it was from experience rather than the lack of it -- and conjectures he'd made about D's speed and strength with a sword based on their previous battle. None of the wooden stakes the false images brought down met anything but air. Every time the black shape moved between them like a mystic bird with the hem of his coat flashing out around him, countless Harold images were cut in half, merging with the air as they vanished.

Less than twenty seconds later, D stood motionless and alone on the clear, moonlit ground.

Even with information on "D", it would still be quite hopeless too.
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D will win. 
Deathstroke may have some chance against the anime version. Although, the novel version stomps him hard. 

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@dondave said:

@Chaos Prime: With prep Deathstroke can take him

no even with Prep Deathstroke loses.

I'm assuming this is the anime version for this battle

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When I was younger, I read some of the Vampire Hunter D books, manga and watched both anime movies.

What real sword fighting feats does he have?

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Loading Video...

Skip to 17:00 Fights the main Vamp.

Skip to 30:50 to 31:15. D dodges and effortlessly kills a walking AOE Beam spirit guy.

47:10 fights a wood Nymph creature that puts Poison Ivy to shame lol.

58:20 The Werewolf effortlessly kills these skilled hunters while using its speed to gather the bombs on the bridge! Skip to 1:04:50 and said Werewolf gets blitzed easy.

1:24:25 fight the main Vamp again.

Anyway he has skill from this anime. Also the Black Hole in his hand can eat magic it seems not that it matters here. I have no clue if it can eat obejects tho.....

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That's just the animated features. Not even canon to the Novels. The novels are bloodier with greater threats and even more bitter sweet endings. "D"s swordsmanship isn't even in question, You'd have a hard time finding anyone in fiction who even comes close.

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D's a beast. This fight really isn't even close. I'm tempted to say its spite.

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D s&^ts on Deathstroke

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@Lone_Wolf_and_Cub said:
D's a beast. This fight really isn't even close. I'm tempted to say its spite.
go ahead you wouldn't be wrong D's a monster and a half and that's just in the anime.