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Bloodlust is on

Deathstroke has New 52 armor

Deadpool cannot teleport

Both Deathstroke and Deadpool can be killed by decapitation

Neither team has any prep time

The fight starts in Gotham City with each side on opposite ends of the city

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I personally have no idea.

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Team one has pretty much every relevant advantage other then maybe skill.

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Team 1 ftw

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Team one is going to take a hefty majority after an amusing fight.

I hate simple arguments, but this is what it boils down to:

Deathstroke > Batman

Deadpool > Nightwing

And, if it goes the other way around, Batman and Deadpool's fight will outlast Deathstroke and Nightwing's. Slade beats Grayson, and then Batman is in a terrible, terrible spot.

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Didn't Deathstroke take Nightwing + Batman at one time?

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Team 1 ftw.

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Couldn't DS just barely solo this?

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@jashro44 said:

Team one has pretty much every relevant advantage other then maybe skill.

And intelligence. Slade is comparable to Nightwing and Batman, but Deadpool lacks. Plus, the Bat team is more discipline and will work as a team while Deapool will likely annoy Slade more than help him. Slade can handle either Batman or Nightwing, and since Deadpool's healing factor will prevent him from being incapacitated easily, his weapons will provide some decent help. There's always a chance that NW or Batman might use one of their gadgets in a lethal manner to take out DP, death via decapitation or loss of head, though. I'll say Team 1 for the majority mostly because of Deathstroke.

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If they weren't bloodlusted, I would probably favor team 1 because of the location. Starting on opposite sides of Batman's home turf gives him such a huge advantage. Gotham is a big city and Batman knows every corner (so does Nightwing, but I think to a lesser degree). The problem is he is bloodlusted and is not going to be as patient and creative in winning this fight. Instead of slowly and methodically stalking the other two, he is going to be in a rage to rush into a battle with two people that physically outclass both him and Night Wing. Being bloodlusted takes away Batman's biggest advantage in this fight and that is what will cause Deadpool and Deathstroke to win.

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Team 1, Batman would get shot.

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Team 1

Deadpool only has to hold whoever he fights while Deathstroke actually try for once to kill Nightwing or Batman.

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@nerdork said:

Couldn't DS just barely solo this?

If hes serious, yes.

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Deadpool beat Nightwing

Deathstroke beat Batman

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RIP Dynamic Duo

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Team 1.

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I think there's a few things we need to consider about the Bat Team.

They've got home turf in a big way here. It's not just knowing every alleyway - the teams start on opposite ends of the city. Bruce and Dick have the opportunity to pick their shots, stalk and handle the fight in the most advantageous way they know how to. Apart from that, it's safe to say they'd be a much better team than the Wilsons. Bruce essentially raised Dick, and crafted him into the fighter he is today. They're the perfect duo. On the other hand, Deadpool and Deathstroke have very differing personalities, and during a first encounter, Deadpool would most definitely get on Deathstrokes nerves, or at the very least, cause them to sacrifice teamwork. Bruce and Nightwing knowing eachothers combat styles in and out, and being able to collaborate as best they can will go a long way against these two guys who have just met and aren't particularly fond of eachother. They might even get in each others way. Deadpool is unorthodox, and comes up with completely ridiculous plans on the fly. He doesn't mind dropping 70 lbs of C4 on you if it gets the job done in spectacular fashion. Deathstroke on the other hand is precise, calculating, and efficient, more like a soldier who's been programmed for combat. Deadpool would serve as a virus in his programming, slowing him down and draining his efficiency, meanwhile Batman and Nightwing are given opportunities to get their licks in.

Deadpool is definitely able to be knocked out, and I think given this current scenario, the Bat team could knock him out if they played it right. They know Slade, and they know his armor is an issue. But Deadpool is wearing a bright red skin tight suit and constantly blabs whether it be to his "teammate", or in response to the voices in his head. It'd be the obvious choice to take this nutjob out of the equation quick so they can focus their undivided attention on Deathstroke.

Personally, I don't know who takes it. I'm of the mindset that when it comes to team battles, teamwork is absolutely key to victory. However, the stat advantages and the fact either Wilson could defeat Nightwing has to be considered. Deadpools healing remains an issue despite the fact he can be KO'd, and Slade with his New 52 armor will be exceptionally difficult to keep up with or put down.

I'm going to give it to the Wilsons 7/10, but they are going to have to earn their wins.

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Oh, and that long post was disregarding the bloodlust stipulation. I think it's fair to agree on that if Bruce and Dick aren't thinking straight they will get handled. There's only room for debate if these guys are in character.

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The ades and ilsons win. 10 outta 10.

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D's wins...

BTW: How are Batman and Nightwing going to decapitate them... With Sticks and Batarangs?

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I personally have no idea.

New 52 armor for Deathstroke is a bit too much, he has Nth metal in New 52 and could cut a plane in half. You should make it pre-52 Deathstroke armor.

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Team 1