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-Morals on. 
-Standard equipment for each team. 
-Victory is won by any means necessary. 
-Deathstroke and Batman have  3 hours of prep time. No prep for the X-Force.
-Deathstroke and Batman are each wearing devices that makes them immune to misdirection, telepathy, and telekinesis. 
-No tele-dismemberment for Nightcrawler. 

+ AoA Nightcrawler
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Uncanny X-force got this

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Damn...DC team might get slaughtered here. Are they aware of their opponents' capabilities during their prep time?

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I don't know enough about the x-force team. 3 hours prep, however, is a pretty substantial boon for Deathstroke and Batman. I think the most important factor in this is how much knowledge of the X-Force's capabilities Batman and Deathstroke have. The two of them working together over the course of 3 hours should be enough time for them to plan for each member of the opposing team.

Also: is this new52? I was considering Deathstroke with the nth metal armor here.

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XForce curbstomps

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@dondave said:

Uncanny X-force got this


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@Lone_Wolf_and_Cub said:

XForce curbstomps


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@HushoftheWind: You must be new here. 99% of threads on this site are one-sided.
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@HushoftheWind said:





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Fantomex and Psylocke can score very easy solos.

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Now Normally I don't do this, buttah... just because I honestly Love Uncanny X-Force(Rick Remender)

I think its kind of unfair because of the general post I seen of



So I don't like it.

Still in my opinion

I see Batman, and Slade working together but not fully trusting each other.

I feel like they without a doubt put up a good fight.

I see Wolverine and Bats having a awkward moment to match Slades, and Wades *wait S, L, W, and WHOA*

I envision a lot of good fight scenes great for a comic, and/or movie.

but we need a victor.


I see X-force winning or Bats, and Slade winning by running away. Not as a insult I mean picking a fight then retreating. Like picking apart the body of the team. Assuming the figured out a way to eliminate Fantomex,Deadpool(I KNOW shssh) ArcAngel, and Wolverines.

Oh and they don't get put to sleep by Psylock



Yeah thats what I see,


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@HushoftheWind: Watch the language, please.

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@texasdeathmatch: Not new, just been holding back rage for years now and this one(don't know why) was the straw man, it was the straw. Poor Batman, he gets most of the slack. I've seen Batman vs Goku, Batman vs Silver Surfer, Batman vs GOD and then the disclaimer ~with prep time~.....I mean what is the man prepping for to say his goodbyes to Alfred and the Bat family as he writes his will? You know what im sorry, this is meant for fun, and not here take the fun away from anybody. I just wish that some of these battles were somewhat even, not saying that some of them are not, but if would be nice to actually have a discussion and instead just having these curbstomp threads. I'll walk away now.

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X-force stomps. Wolverine IMO would beat either solo (deathstroke is debatable but I favor wolverine in a tough fight). The other guy that wolverine isn't fighting is going to get curbstomped by the rest of the team with only 3 hours of prep and limited to standard gear.

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