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  • Random encounter
  • Current Iceman
  • Pre-flashpoint Deathstorm
  • Standart gears
  • No help
  • No prep
  • BFR allowed
  • Morals off,bloodlusted
  • Wins by detah or incapacitation

Location: Alaska

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Iceman turned the entire world into ice and snow. Deathstorm turned one chick into salt. :/

Iceman wins.

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Deathstorm seems to be on a much higher level than Iceman. Flagged as a mismatch.

Make Fair Fights

Don’t make battles that are clearly one-sided. Most times this happens when people want to make one character look bad or another look good. Either way it’s childish and a waste of space. Sometimes it’s a mistake because you don’t know all the abilities of one of the characters and it turns out that they have a power that would make them win easily, but that doesn’t happen much (and it really shouldn’t, CV is an encyclopedia, look up characters before you make the fight). If it’s obvious you’re doing it on purpose, the thread will be locked.

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@shawnbaby: Are you implied that I does mismatch by purpose?

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@shawnbaby: Are you implied that I does mismatch by purpose?

The thought did occur to me....but I said "Mismatch" not "Spite".

While I have noticed you have a strong bias towards DC in your Marvel vs DC matchups..I can't necessarily say for certain that on this occasion you have deliberately made a Spite Match. So, no I am not accusing you of anything.

In the end... I don't believe it matters that much though because, from what I know of Deathstorm, this match is not even. So, whether you did it on purpose or not...I believe this thread should be locked.

I leave the matter in the hands of the mods. If they view it as a mismatch....they will lock it...if not...they will leave it open.

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