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Cyclops and Henry Bendix meet one night in a chatroom about the latest in sexy mechanical headgear. They quickly become friendly with each other and somehow the conversation goes to super human killers. They each think that they've got the best but decide to put it to a little test by having their weapons face each other in combat. To make it a little more interesting, before the fight each is given a comic starring the other. Wolverine gets to read Authority Prime #5 and Rose Tattoo gets to read Wolverine #43 (current volume). They then get 4 hours to prepare before their fight which will take place in Gotham. How does it go?

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I like this battle,but there is not enough on Rose for me.

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In comics?

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Yea, I don't know enough about Rose to call this fight, the comicvine page doesn't help. I'll check some other encyclopedias and maybe get back here.

PS. I like your scenario, I don't know of anyone else who bothers to put stories behind their fights.