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D.S. and D.P. each get paid to capture a murderous thief; X. Realizing how dangerous X is, they decide to team up and choose different types of Battle:

  • Battle 1- DP and DS attack X head on with no prep; on top of a building
  • Battle 2- DP and DS have 1 hour of prep; inside a warehouse
  • Battle 3- DP and DS have 2 hours of prep while X has 10 minutes of prep; outside an elementary school


  1. Everyone has morals on in character
  2. DP and DS have their standard equipment (DS: two uzi's with 3 clips, 2 grenades and swords / DP: same)
  3. X has all the powers he obtains in the manga except Hypnosis (Hals eye); Abilities: super strength, speed, and agility, regeneration, ability to shape-shift into people / animals and weapons
  4. X is not in female form


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@RidTom: what feat does x have?

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@dondave: He's taken on tons of cops, dismembered hundreds of people, ripped a Gorilla in half, fought a Demon multiple times and survived, has incredible endurance and regenerative properties. He can also manipulate his body into anything he wants.

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I'd give it to Deadpool and Deathstroke. These dudes are great at being basically unkillable and I'm sure together they can take on one one super-strong thief.