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Alright this RPG is a little diferant then most of you will be use to. In this RPG you start off in a jail cell on an island. THere is a jungle above the cells in which you will have to kill each other inorder to gain your freedom. everyone who goes in is after the same thing. they all want the one spot of freedom. Now I won't be a inmate, Rather i'll play the role of Warden Tom Dark. A rutheless character who only wants you all dead. Now There is a twist. I will be dropping weapons in crates that will be placed in the middle of the jungle every week. getting more and more dangerous every time. I want this thing to be a real time thing so you can't go from one end of the island to the other in one post. It takes 12 hours to move across it. you cannot escape, but that doesn't mean flyers can't fly during the RPG. Now i will also have 3 mercinaries. these people will remain secret and i will notify them trough a PM. In the end if the mercinaries kill you all then the three of them win, but they will be playing as inmates to and they won't know who the other two are.  so please post if your interested in this RPG and if i get enough interested i'll start it up tonight.