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the American Government is sick of Batman being a vigilante and taking the law into his own hands.

The Government hires L, Near, Light(AS L #2), AND Mello to deduce Batman's identity.

2 Different Situations:

1st: All 4 of them are working by themselves in their own HQ. NOTE; In this situation Mello has Matt.

2nd: They are all working together. NOTE: Matt is NOT in this situation.

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Does Batman know that they are trying to stop him?

How long does the struggle last?

What is the definition of victory?

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batman wins

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eventually they will discover his identity in both situations

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1st: L finds out first.

2nd: It won't even take them 10 minutes.

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Round 1: Batman

Round 2: Batman loses

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I was going to go with the deathnote characters regardless, but there's not an actual condition for Batman to win. It's just a "can the smartest people from this universe deduce that the richest man in Gotham, who's constantly missing/rescheduling meetings whenever Batman shows up and was missing for several years and returned almost immediately before Batman appeared, is batman?"

I'd give L a week, tops.

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Nanananananana BATMAN

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4 vs 1... ? That's unfair lol

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So I notice there isn't a win condition for Batman.

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they would find him in the first 10 minutes i think..

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Batman will win with great difficulty against Light and L.

He will stomp Mello.

And he will beat the stupid albino brat creepy Near who plays with dolls in the age of 17 into coma.

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L solos both rounds.

Finding the identity of Kira>>>>>> Batman.