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Deadshot Equipped - 1 Sniper Rifle(10 shells), 2 Wrist guns and a Revolver.

Domino Equipped - 1 Sniper Rifle(10 shells), Glock, and two machine Pistols

Time: 8:00 P.M.

Location: Rooftops of NYC

Weather: Light Rain

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Deadshot... unless Domino's luck factor isn't overused and made to be OP.

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Domino ... she is highly skilled even w/o the luck factor it isn't like that is all she has.

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What I do know is if the match ever becomes close distance Domino would win hands down but as long as they're a distance from one another I guess its fair game and a stalemate for the time being.

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Hmm, interesting fight. I would give it too Deadshot.

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dominos luck factor says deadshots perfect aim is gonna be having some difficulties. if his guns even wanna work at all, plus domios no slouch in the marksman department either. i think shes got this.

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Deadshot shoots and mysteriously misfires,,domino doesn't,,,domino FTW