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Fight takes place at night, in this factory: http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/conservation/exhibitions/metropolis/graphics/large/meccano_factory.jpg. ---- There are no lights on. Everyone has standard gear, except team 1 each has a pair of nightvision goggles with 1 minute charge each. Team 1 starts on one side of the factory and Batman starts on the other. Edit: changed goggle time

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Come on, nobody?

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Bruce dies.

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Team 1

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There's really not many places for Bruce to hide in that factory. Team 1 wins until better stealth options are presented.

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When it's pitch black? And Batman's a master of stealth? And they only get 5 minutes to use their NG's? I don't think this is as stacked as you think.

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Team 1, Bman gets killed.

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I think that Team 1 has this one. Batman is cool but I don't think that he has enough to beat all three of them. Plus, all of them don't really care if they kill him but he would down them and hold back. 

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Batman has taken fighters on Team 1's level AND above them. Batman would use his stealth and skill to take them out one by one. You act like Batman has never fought and defeated opponents in the dark before. Team 1 having night vision doesn't mean anything if they don't get to use it since Batman could ambush them or just sneak attack them. He is the master of stealth and has more experience fighting and WINNING under these conditions than Team 1. Hawkeye can't use his arrows in the dark and because of the close tight spaces in the museum. Batman wouldn't give them the opportunity to even know where he is located. Batman isn't scared of using stealth and ninja skills to defeat opponents less skilled than he is.