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Fight takes place an unpopulated city block at night

Deathstroke has 1 hour prep while the team has half an hour prep

In character

Winner by KO, Incapacitation or Death

Who'd win ? How would this fight play out ?

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Current versions I don't see them hurting Slade.

Pre 52 Slade I think can take them as well. He has better gear, his skills and enhancements in combination give him a decent edge, not to mention he is use to fighting teams. So I think he can deal with there number advantages. It wouldn't be easy though.

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Team Deathstroke.

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Slade curbstomps

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I doubt its a curbstomp but Slade wins.

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Secret 3 lol

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if you give Bane more prep the team stomps.

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Gailforce on: Secret 3 win. Gailforce off: Deathstroke sodomizes.

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