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enhanced deapool:

carnage symbiote full control -spiderman

eternal mangekyou sharingan- naruto

crow's branch of sin -deadman wonder land

uses all of batmans fighting styles Mastered


Goku ssj3

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fight in the dessert

#3 Posted by Sideslash (5949 posts) - - Show Bio the rules...

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deadpool winz goki is lik, not evn as strng as spiderman he haz no feets

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@fuzzycoconuts98: dude, this is a stomp ( win one character wins with ease ) deadpool can win w/o the upgrades

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Fyi, anime vs comics is against the rules.

Either way, this thread is silly, Goku has massively FTL reaction time, and he can blow up Deadpool's galaxy.

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Goku stomps, lock this please.