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Round 1- H2H w/ weapons

Round 2- H2H w/ o weapons

Round 3- Both get a week prep time

Round 4- Both hunting each other.

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I think Deadpool is a better fighter so I'll give him rounds 1 and 2.

Round 3 probably goes to Ozy, He could come up with something in his week prep time.

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does DP have his healing factor?

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DP wins with healing factor

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The only round which i can see Ozy pulling up a win is the 3rd, but even in this round, i see DP winning the majority.

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@ChaosBlazer said:

does DP have his healing factor?

Yes he has his healing factor

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@never give up: then DP can win the first 2 rounds, Ozy takes the 3rd due to being a better prepper.

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@ChaosBlazer said:

@never give up: then DP can win the first 2 rounds, Ozy takes the 3rd due to being a better prepper.


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Deadpool all rounds.

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If Wade has his healing factor, he win all 3 rounds.

Ozymandias is a great prepper. It won't really mean much in the long run, because you can't really threaten Deadpool with anything. He's a mercenary, if he got paid to take Ozy out, he's not stopping until Ozy is dead.

The best prep feat we have for Ozymandias is using tachyons to prevent Dr. Manhattan from seeing what he was up too all the way on the pole.

That, and enough common sense to trigger the attack long before anyone could move to stop him. Sounds like some good common sense to me. I don't get why villians stall for so long, or let people know what they are up to until the time is right.

The only reason Ozy was able to "get" Manhattan was by luring him into a molecular disintegrator. And Manhattan wasn't really trying to kill Ozy, or else he would have just waved his hand and been done with it. Wade is stronger, faster, and more agile by a pretty decent margin, and has one of the best healing factors in the Marvel U.

Ozy's best combat feat is casually beating up two street level characters, with Rorschach being not particularly physically impressive, and Dreiberg being past his prime and out of shape. Deadpool is a great h2h combatant, and an even better weapons expert. Ozy isn't catching a bullet fired from Deadpool. He's too good of a marksman. His katanas alone would tear Ozy to peices, given that he doesnt have any outstanding feats of durability to suggest he can tank a shaarp sword form someone as skilled as Deadpool.

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The only thing that tips the balance of this battle is DP's healing factor period. Deadpool currently has Olympic level atrributes in strength, speed, agility and reflexes. I've noticed comic vine has downplayed Ozy by making Rorshach and Night owl appear like nobodies or cannon fodder, I have also noticed (but am not surprised) that it is only on comic vine that Ozy is not regarded as peak human when he is stated to be peak human on nearly any other databases including DC's. He's just as good a fighter as DP and he easily handled two street levelers who themselves could easily beat 2 or 3 moderate street levelers at a time, Night Owl was one shotting like 10 criminals in that prison break out. Ozy can leap 50 yards in a single bound and he can jump 20 ft into the air unaided and his reflexes and reaction speed is at 20 kps allowing him to catch bullets. Also the DC database states that Ozy can also bench press at least 1000 lbs. Sometimes I feel like certain people on comicvine take their personal opinions and run with it, and they are even allowed to use it for the databases here. Why is comic vines power set for Ozy so thin and weak in presentation but everywhere else Ozy is described as a serious genius level threat with peak human physical attributes and a martial arts mastery of Judo, Ninjitsu, and boxing? In fact every character in the Watchmen series is downplayed on this site in that manner, but go to their associated databases and you'll see their descriptions differ from the Vine.

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deadpool i am an avid watchmen fan but ozy beat two low level fighters.... i love rorschach massive fan here and deadpool is high peak status really fast squirriley so ozy weeps because he has found out he isn't the only one who can beat people.

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deadpool all the way

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Deadpool all rounds.

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deadpool clears this round in flawless fatality i mean ozy beat on two vigilantes with no extensive martial arts training and was pwnd by middle aged comedian and he still had martial arts under his belt because he learned to use martial arts while following his hero on a vision quest while following child hood idol alexander the great so merc with the mouth stomps why do people use watchmen characters on battle forums? is it to purposely make spite threads i mean the characters even ozy and doc manhattan showed unimpressive feats while deadpool fights and beats wolverine and such while taunting them like he is hardly trying and toying with his opponents

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and as for prep ozymandias's prep wasn't impressive he took years to get what he planned and noone even had any reason to suspect ozymandias sending a flying mutant to new york i mean the "prep feat'' was nothing that someone could have done it was rather bad actually and people try compare him to the likes of bats cap punisher and i always think to myself that they overrate characters

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people downplay Ozy's fighting and physical feats but they overplay his preps feats. with that said, he seems to me much better in combat than people give him credit for and less of a prepper than people seem to think of.

so IMO, Deadpool wins the 3 rounds. the first two are obvious, DPs HF is giganormous and he is pretty good himself. and I dont see Ozy doing anything against DP with 1 week

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Deadpool, but not sure what Ozy would do with the prep time and could be unparalleled considering he is one of the smartest beings in the world.

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Dead Pool is clearly odds-on favourite. I am not really familiar with the character, but I spent an hour or so researching the guy and noticed that his mental instability and ability to engage in minor feats of reality warping make him a scary individual. If Ozymandias could convince Doc Manhattan that Dead Pool's existence posed an existential threat to the universe, Doc Manhattan could send Dead Pool to keep Rorscach company. If I could figure this out in an hour, I am sure the world's smartest man could come up with as good or better a plan in a week. In a straight fight, Deadpool kills Ozymandias. Ozymandias has difficulty killing men who cannot die. In a battle of Ozymandias' choosing, it is not so clear who the victor would be as Ozymandias has a habit of performing the impossible. I would still give Adrian only a 3/10 in round 3 since aside from his other feats, Dead Pool has an uncanny way of gumming up the best laid plans of men and supermen.

I expect Ozymandias would acquire a full dossier of all Dead Pool's prior associations and find ways to have old loose ends unravel further prior to their engagement so that Adrian would be the last thing on Wade's mind. Ozymandias would get the liquid adamantium used to entomb Lady Deathstrike in the X2 film and use that to house Deadpool, assuming he could get Deadpool to oblige. Not an easy sell, but Adrian is the most consummate of salespeople.

When convinced of a plan's necessity, there is no person more dedicated to pull it off, whatever the effort, the cost or personal sacrifice than Ozymandias. If Deadpool had happened to read the Watchmen comic, however, Ozymandias has no prayer to come out of this encounter alive. It seems entirely likely that Deadpool may have.

Ozymandias dunks Dead Pool

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Deadpool pretty much stomps every round.

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Deadpool. He has much better stats all around and carries lots of weapons

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Wade stomps