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Poll: Deadpool vs. Lobo (40 votes)

Deadpool 20%
Lobo 80%

Two characters both made as parodies, cracking wise, and completely outlandish. The Merc with the Mouth vs the Main Man. Who would win in a battle?

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Someone lock this......

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Current Lobo or Pre New 52 Lobo?

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Lobo is 100 toner -_-

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Lobo wins lol.

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The one difference that sets these two apart is that, Lobo busts planets and toys with Superman in serious fights lol.

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Lobo rips him apart and throws one part of the body to the sun and other part will get eaten by Lobo.

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Who seriously voted Deadpool?

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Current Lobo would beat Deadpool too ---- Starlin retconned that showing against Deathstroke to weird reality glitches that cause Lobo's power level to fluctuate. The current version of Lobo in Stormwatch is duking it out with Apollo and causing planetary jeopardy just by powering up Super Saiyan-style. And honestly, if the Liefeld version was good enough to beat Deathstroke unconscious, he should beat Deadpool too.

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Lobo should be able to handle Deadpool...

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Lobo wins.

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Lobo took hits from the man of steel. When has deadpool even fought a decent fighter? Lobo slaughters him

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Lobo sh!t stomps Wade here...

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LOL what a slaughterhouse.

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Why do people keep making Deadpool vs. Lobo threads?

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Even though Deadpool is THE GUY. Lobo smashes...again


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Who voted Deadpool?

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What can Deadpool possibly do to Lobo?