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Who takes this?

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I was rooting for Sasuke in the his fight with Deadpool, but someone brought up a valid point about genjutsu possibly not working on people who don't use chakra. Shadow clones work on people who aren't ninjas in the show, so I'm unsure. In any event, both brothers can dodge his shots, not because they're faster than bullets, but because they're faster than Deadpool's arms, and reading movements is the fist trick they both learned. Either one of them are immune to damage from bullets with the Susano'o and they also have massive ranged attacks in that form. Amaterasu burns until there's nothing left so I don't think even Deadpool can heal from that. Deadpool's skilled enough to block bullets with a sword, but what Naruto ninja isn't? I've seen some really stretching fanboyism for Deadpool which, is really saying something, considering I'm on the side of anime for this one. People don't win because "they're cooler." It's not a popularity contest we discuss here, at least it shouldn't be. Also, the fact that none of the three mentioned above are "real" ninjas could not have less to do with the conversation. Real ninjas are human assassins from feudal japan that would die by the dozen against any of these three. Itachi wins.

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Deadpool win do to his healing factor.

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Itachi wins.

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