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Deadpool goes to assassinate Kingpin. After killing all of his henchmen he confronts Kingpin himself. Using the rest of his weapons on the henchmen Deadpool is only armed with one sai. The brawl starts. 
2 Scenarios: 
Scenario #1- Deadpool is focused 
Scenario #2- Deadpool is his "usual" self
To KO or death 
Deadpool is only armed with one sai
There are desks and chairs in the room that either can use 
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Deadpool needs to go for the jugular or eyes.  His agility and skill make this possible, but it's also likely Deadpool will go for other attacks, which won't dish out any major damage to Fisk, and in turn leaving him open to strikes from Kingpin.
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scenario 1 deadpool scenario 2 maybe dp but probably kingpin would win
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1 - Deadpool gets half a chance 
2 - Kingpin wins

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Scenario #1 - I think he can do it.. if he times it right..
Scenario #2 - Kingpin would get the jump on Deadpool and just over power him.. 

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First Fight

Intereting Note: In the credits, this fat guy appears as the Kingpin

Second Fight

Maybe he could get owned by the Kingpin.
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Deadpool wins

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Classic Kingpin could beat Captain America and Spiderman. Deadpool gets raped.

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I don't remember Kingpin being bullet proof, which is kind of a big deal against ANY version of Deadpool...

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Round 1-Kingpin wins 7.5/10 because of better strength IMO its close though.

Round 2- Kingpin gets it maybe 8.5/10 Deadpool is for comic relief is practically for comic relief only.

Unless of course somone can convince me otherwise