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RULES: no immortality BS for Deadpool and standard gear. No prep. WHO WINS!!!!

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k4tz bait.

I say Wade from what I've seen. More skilled and agile of a fighter. Should be able to soak Bloodshot's bullets and keep on ticking and since BS only used that sonic scream once, I can't call it as a standard tactic. Wade should be able to carve him up for the majority.

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Deadpool can probably close the gap and decapitate bloodshot. I have only read an issue of bloodshot but does he have any accuracy feats to tag deadpool?

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It's not gonna be that easy...

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As of right now Deadpool has Bloodshot beat when it comes to feats. The next issue has Bloodshot taking on team Chainsaw, so maybe we'll get some solid displays outta that.

But currently, Deadpool's agility and skill should overcome.

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@k4tzm4n: lets hold are judgment till then.

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I want to say Bloodshot I really, really do but it could go either way.

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How many call outs does @k4tzm4n needs before he responds!!!!!!

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@god_spawn: Since we have more feats from Bloodshot is your opinion still Deadpool.

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The answer is Bloodshot. Anyone who disagrees is just kidding themselves. Not only is he extremely durable, with pretty much identical physical abilities, but Bloodshot can hack any machine instantly with the nanites infused in his body. That includes any in the area that he can use at his disposal. Even if he couldnt do this, then Bloodshot could just infect Deadpool's system with nanites, commandeer his motor functions and kill him or knock him out that way.

Someone once broke his forearm. Bloodshot then killed him by stabbing him in the neck with the protruding bone. Then he healed to normal and went about his business. So not only does he win here, but he does so in the most badass way possible.

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I dunno, with his teleportation tech, I'd say Deadpool takes this. That would make him more mobile than Bloodshot, he's already a quicker combatant to begin with. Allow him to close the gap before Bloodshot can get too many rounds fired off and Deadpool can best him with his blades.

Two points, iirc: Bloodshot's healing factor accelerates depending on how much protein he's ingested. Also, the nanite assault was part of Bloodshot's reaction to Toyo Harada, his primary target. I could see him doing it if he was programmed to, but the OP doesn't specify. Other than that, Blood's actually done the sonic scream twice in the new series.

Deadpool still takes it via speed & close combat advantages. If Blood can get a hand on Wade, it's over; but I'm not so sure he'll be able to as he's being carved up by Wade's swords.

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@mightyrearranger: its true that Bloodshot's healing is affected by the amount of protein he has, but it doesn't necessarily mean he heals any less quick. Only that his body could metabolize parts of it to make up for it. The nanites have to work harder, as has been shown, but it doesnt mean he cant divert abilities elsewhere. Also, I think we could assume Bloodshot is battle ready with plenty of nourishment as its only been shown to be a problem when he's been battered endlessly for hours or days. Here we'd assume they're fresh for a fight as the OP hasn't said they've been starved of nourishment or coming out of a battle in anyway.

Also, Deadpool is quick, but he's also foolish. That and Bloodshot's nanites give ole Bloodshot the edge here. The nanites could, as I've said, hack anything mechanical in the area. This could cause quite the problem for Wade as he has not just Bloodshot himself to worry about, but anything he could influence with his nanites. Also, the abilities of the nanites are quite nearly endless as we have yet to see how much *more* they can do.

Also the Harada Protocol example only shows that Bloodshot now knows that he can use expelled nanites to his advantage. If Bloodshot bleeds into any orifice of Deadpool its lights out. You've mentioned the sonic scream but forgotten the synaptic disruption burst used to not only hinder an omega level psionic like Harada at close range, but also to disable/kill non psionics as shown in Bloodshot 12. So this goes along with the idea that Bloodshot has learned to use things from Harada Protocol in his normal mindset. There's no reason to suspect the SDB wouldn't at least paralyze Deadpool for Bloodshot to deliver the winning blow.

You say Deadpool has close combat advantage then contradict yourself by saying if Bloodshot gets his hands on him it's over. That's close range combat. And it seems we agree on Bloodshot taking that advantage. Not just for physicality's sake but for the SDB and sonic scream. There's more to play in a fight than just speed. As can be seen with these advantages of Bloodshot's. And it's not like Bloodshot is lacking in the speed department to begin with.

Like I said, the technological advantages are too much in the end for Wade. Bloodshot's nanites just present too much of an overwhelming challenge. It's a damn good fight but Deadpool will eventually get close and then it's over.

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@extremis: sorry but I'm gonna go ahead and toss that synaptic deal out the window.

Deadpool has repeatedly demonstrated an immunity to most types of mental attacks. Taking his tp resistance feats into account that means that synaptic burst is a nonentity in this fight

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Wade Wilstomps. Bloodshot really isn't that impressive

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Mr Wilson featuring Slim Shadey