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Both have 1 hour prep

Fight takes place in an abandoned subway

Win by death, KO, or surrender

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I should add that this is New 52 DS with Nth metal armor but can use Pre 52 feats.

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I think the team could take a win

Deathstroke could stay back and attack with guns while deadpool go's in close and does his best to hurt Spidy

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I think dd and ds take this.

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Deathstroke and Deadpool STOMP.

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Deathstroke has prep?

Spidey dies.

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With an hour prep Superior has access to far more tech than Slade does including Horizon Labs, Doc Ock's labs and army of mind-controlling octo-bots that he doesn't need time to prep with he can just put the helm on and activate them. Combine that with far superior stats and laxed morals i'd go with SpOck.

Slade is a better prepper but he doesn't have access to the amount of tech SpOck can get hold of off the top of his hat. Equal resources and this may go differently.