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Well, since no one replied my other topic. Another idea.

Solaris, The God of Time wants to eat DC universe for breakfast. And to do that, he count with the help of his Heralds, Mephiles The Dark and Iblis The Flames of Disaster and trillions of minions:

That body of light is the sign of a super-dimensional life-form. Standard attacks won't work on him. He eats dimensions for lunch!
-Dr Eggman concerning Solaris.

Solaris the sun god of Soleanna, as well as a super-dimensional lifeform and a god of time. Solaris is the most powerful villain in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and probably the most powerful being in the entire Sonic series, and possesses many traits that could be deemed as godlike. Described as a super-dimensional being, Solaris is able to exist in the past, present and future, making him omnipresent throughout time and virtually impossible to defeat, unless he is attacked simultaneously in all time periods.

As a god over time, Solaris is capable of freely manipulating time itself, and is able to cause instabilities in time and create time-space rifts. According to Dr. Eggman, Solaris can devour the fabric of time and space itself, and should he consume all existing time lines, it would lead to the collapse of time itself.

His Heralds (Mephiles and Iblis)

Solaris will count with the help of Iblis and Mephiles under. Booth are more than a challenge to the DC heroes. Mephiles can manipulate time and space at will. Use attacks that instantly K.O, create energy projections (and projectiles) and create infinite perfect copies of itself. He's considered to be immortal. He can reconstruct himself if his body is destroyed. Mephiles is extremely smart able to use his powers to manipulate anyone.

Iblis also posses similar powers, but instead of using magic he likes to use physical attacks. Iblis can summon cosmic objects like asteroids and planetoids and trow it at his enemies. He can shapesfit into anything he finds suitable. Iblis also has Pyroknesis, which is the total control of Fire and immeasurable physical strength.

DC side.

DC will count with the help of Justice League, Darkside, Lanter Corps, A bunch of villains such as Joker, Lutor and others. DC has one week of preparation before the army of Solaris arrive.

All the Lantern Corps will present, including The Watchers.

Justice League summons every know heroes to aid them. The villains also are there to help with the aid of The Legion of Doom.

Darkseid also tries to help. Since he doesn't want to be eaten.

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No one? Okay then. My vote goes to Solaris due to it's ridiculous amount of power.

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@Frocharocha: Solaris should win if you don`t include the top-tier characters such as Anti-Monitor and etc.

But since this is only the JLA, GC, LOD, and Darkseid, Solaris along with his heralds will be able to win.

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How vital to the continued existence of things is Solaris? If he isn't all that important, the OE should erase him.

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Specter or Batman solo's, if Lex Luthor is able to gather some steroid's, forest animals and non-toxic paint he may also be able to pull it off but I am not certain if forest animals exist in the DC universe.

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@Vrakmul said:

How vital to the continued existence of things is Solaris? If he isn't all that important, the OE should erase him.

He is the God of Time. His powers reach all The Existence and Omniverse. His presence alone was enough to destroy the entire existence. His heralds can be erased from existence, which was the only way to defeat them. But Solaris can't for unknown reasons.

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This is a job for..........................

COSMIC ARMOUR SUPERMAN/THOUGHT ROBOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!

But anyways I think this is kind of a mismatch if you don't include guys like CA Superman/Thought Robot, Anti-Monitor, Lucifer Morningstar, The Spectre, The Endless etc.

It would be like a pistol truing to destroy a tank.

Thought as I said if you add the characters I just said then DC would win.

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Solaris and his heralds