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Okay i know that everyone has always been debate on who's comic characters are better so im asking you in a battle between dc's greatest characters vs marvels who would win?

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either get more specific or this will be locked, it's been done many times before

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The Sentry solo's, he cannot die by any means and is a true immortal (except for the time Thor killed him). He is the strongest character in the universe, in fact his strength is unlimited and has the best fighting skills ever (aside from when he got overpowered and trashed by the hulk, punched out by she-hulk and ko'd by Blue Marvel). He is the smartest being in the universe ( aside from the time is was tricked manipulated and outsmarted by Osborn). He resisted telepathy from and solo'd a fully fed Galactus by himself (aside from the fact it was shown off panel and X-man was there with a team of heros and we have no idea what happened). He over powered a dues-ex superhero called by the name (classic) Dr. Strange that was written in the 70's by a bunch of people on LSD who at the time wrote him to be god (aside from the fact the Sentry was created in 2000 and most of the people if not all who wrote the"classic Strange" stories no longer work art Marvel}. He has unlimited power and is absolutely unstoppable, he would have consumed the marvel omniverse and them next real life. Oh wait that's all bunch of bull sh1t someone keeps posting hundreds of times a day.

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@CapitolPunishment: I disagree.

I think Thor solo's because he can will Mjolnir telepathically faster-than-light to pummel someone infinitely fast.

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Fantomex solos.

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i disagree with both of you, Iceman clearly solos because he can't truly die..cause...cause he can't be hurt by physical means..and..and he can turn stuff to absolute zero...and that can y'know stop movement and stuff!! so there!
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@The Stegman:

Yeah, well, Dr. Strange solos because he can channel Eternity and he's undone Adam Warlocks effects with the Infinity Gauntlet and he's fought the Living Tribunal.

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Cthulhu wins

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pffft Deadpool solos because he can't die, because of that curse thingy Death put on him && he has that healing factor, and he breaks the 4th wall, meaning he knows that the fight is taking place in a comicbook, meaning he is omniscient 
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@The Stegman: Objection! Thanos is too powerful cause he has never lost (it was a clone I'm not liiiistening la la la) and he's so smart that he auto-wins with prep.

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Krypto the Superhound solos

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*wears reality warping fanboy goggles and trademark earmuffs*  
No, no, we all know Dr.Doom is the bestest at prep! give him five minutes and he can invent something to take away all of the people in dc's powers away from them, and give them to himself! he can do it, i know he can!
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@The Stegman: Touche, salesman, but you forgot that Ghost Rider can't be hurt except by holy or unholy attacks, except for when he can, and he instantly regenerates from getting hit by a truck and Penance Stares which causes the target to feel all the pain they've ever caused another being as they felt it. Except when that fails, like against Deadpool, Punisher, and symbiotes.

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@The Stegman:

Chris: "You've got a lot of nerve invading our world."

Hulk: "Hulk not invade; HULK SMASH!"

Alright, you win.

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We have been over this:

DC earth vs Marvel earth: DC

DC universe vs Marvel universe: Marvel

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*Places right hand over heart*

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Silver Surfer Solos...or possibly Thorgal.

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Storm solos

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Been done. Countless times.
I'm too lazy to post links and I can't flag.

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Howard the Duck solos.

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DC Wins because they have Batman.Case Closed

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Great answers so far, lol.

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marvel have black panther... batman but black case double closed

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DC would definitely win. Hell, Martian Manhunter alone could destroy Cap, Hulk, Spiderman, and Hyperion in one encounter. Lex Luthor could easily take on Iron Man. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, or Power Girl would beat Mrs. Marvel with little effort and Superman could easily take out everyone without magical powers or kryptonite. Batman goes without saying, and Brainiac's army would obliterate the Skrull. Darksied or Mongol could take on Thanos and Dr. Fate would kick Dr. Strange's a**. Hell, we even have Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Cole MacGrath, Alex Mercer, and James Heller on our side. Not to mention the Teen Titans, the Outsiders, The Secret Society of Super Vilains, the Justice Society of America, the Hive Five, the Justice Legion, the Watchmen, everyone from all of the universes during Infinite Crisis, al of the Lantern Corps., all of the Egyptian Gods, and all of the Greek Gods. The Flash or Zoom would destroy Quicksilver or Northstar using the Speed Force, and Etrigan or Eclipso would kill Black Heart. Trigon would defeat Dormammu. And if the Marvel universe thinks for one second that they can use Silver Surfer or Galactus as a final resort, than they obviously haven't taken into account The Presence (the DC Universe representation of God himself), The Spectre (who is literally the spirit of God's vengeance) and Dr. Manhattan (a guy who literally lives in the past, present, and future simultaneously). Aquaman and Namor would be just about even, the same goes for Wolverine and Lobo. Again, not to mention Amazo, Ra's Al Ghul, Krona, the Anti-Monitor, the White Martians, Doomsday (who could take on everyone except Galactus), Black Adam, Captain Atom, Firestorm, Shazam, Metamorpho, Superboy-Prime, Decreator, The Endless, Lucifer Morningstar, Mr. Myxzptlk, Parallax, Nekron, Bizzaro, Sinestro, and Eradicator.

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Batman with 2 mins prep. He'll have a contingency plan for everyone.

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I would say DC would win purely because they have more characters who are more powerful on a universal type level. Marvel really just focuses on Earth, so their heroes are toned down a bit more than DC's.

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@yevvinator: Ever heard of The One Above All, Living Tribunal, or PR Beyonder yeah, they're in the Marvel Universe

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Dc would win,marvel have over 7000 character while DC have 7200 green lanterns only mogo from the green lantern corp would finish most of marvel characters not to even mention what amazo,doomsday,superman and others would do

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