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So DC vs Marvel is very popular in the battle threads, so I thought of an idea. DC vs Marvel teens.Who wins?

Characters are not limited to this pic

No Franklin Richards, Jenny Qunatum, Black Alice or anyone on his level for DC or Marvel

Round One:

  • New York City(Bystanders)
  • Morals(On)
  • No prep/Random Enounter
  • No BFR

Round Two:

  • Alaska
  • Morals(On)
  • Prep(Also has a little help and training from their mentors)
  • No BFR

Round Three:

  • Abandoned New York City
  • Morals(Off)
  • Prep
  • No BFR

Be reasonable and show some scans on who would win and what rounds!

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@Wardemon32:There's no pictures for the Marvel Teens

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Marvel Teen wins

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@dondave: Iceman, Spiderman, James Rogers, Tornum, Azari, Henry Pym. There's also of a lot of Marvel teens out of this pic that you can mention. I said it under the picture.

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I say marvel, but Superboy and Superboy x could do some damage.

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@heroesgold: Why?

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Hmm, I gotta go with DC due to the Superboy's

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This is a clusterf*ck, too many variables. It'd be better to just tell us who is fighting.

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@BlackWind: There's really not that much DC and Marvel kids out there. You can just bring up a character and then someone will argue it with anotehr character. And that's how more characters are brought in. Like what happens with Marvel vs DC

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Superboy X will be a real problem

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Who in Marvel that is a teen is more powerful than Nova? Because he is the only on the comes to mind when I think of teen powerhouses for marvel.

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Dc teens are for the majority, and btw Nova and Spiderman aren't teens, they are bot around 30 year old at least

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Never mind the Superboy's, DC has Ms. Martian.

Then the Superboy's, Wonder Girl, Supergirl, Freddy and Mary Marvel.

The Marvel kiddos are going to have their work cut out for them.

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There are like 10 Kryptonian.

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@Batman242 said:

Superboy X will be a real problem


supermanX, Brainiac 5, Blue Beetle, Raven could probably solo. Saturn Girl and Miss Martian could mind rape everyone too. the only way i see marvel winning is if the universe explodes when young justice nightwing meets teen titans robin.

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@Wardemon32: Are we talking animated universes only or do we add comics as well? (Btw if we are talking everyone, huge battles like this become nearly impossible to decide on because of the sheer number of factors that plays into it and how different feats compare to one another)

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@Outside_85: only those in picture

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lol at this

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DC teens.

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@AllStarSuperman: Appears to be more than that, judging by the limitations in the OP and the reply about just adding on made further down.

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@bassistbaris: Well Richard Rider might have been, but the new Nova is definitely a teen.

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@Smart_Dork_Dude said:

Hmm, I gotta go with DC due to the Superboy's