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Team DC Bricks is Black Adam, Captain Marvel(Shazam), Martian Manhunter, Despero, Power Girl - All at their feats between crisis and flashpoint

No prep


victory by death

battlefield - australia

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Phoenix 5 take it. Despero and Black Adam cause the most problems but without hax chaos magic to cause them any real problems. Besides each of the P5 get more powerful when one goes down.

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P5. Xavier was defeated by Cyke with half of PF power. Emma normally isn't much weaker than Xavier and Martian isn't greater than that. Plus Juggernaut's powers as well as Illyana's hellfire will cause trouble to anyone in team 1. Good fight, thanks to team 1 good psionic powers, but they still lose.

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Phoenix 5

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P5 win. too much power for team DC to handle.

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P5 handles team DC

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@Lone_Wolf_and_Cub said:

P5 handles team DC
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Pheonix 5 ftw