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Davos FTW!

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No one?Must be a Curbstomp.

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I woulda said Davos awhile back, because I mean the guy made a fricken hand out of fricken CHI. But of course that's when he was the Steel Pheonix. I have recently lost respect for him though, seeing as he went all whimpy on us and asked Iron fist for forgivness or some stupid crap, and lost his chi flow from the Crane mother. So I'm gonna give this one to Captain America just because he is actaully pretty good and because Davos is stupid and because Cap has a cool almost indestructible boomerang shield.

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I meant to say Steel Pheonix,sorry ^_^

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Well he ain't the Steel Phoenix anymore cause he gave that up in Iron Fist 14 (I dunno if he has gone back to being the Steel Serpent, I think he just Davos now). But he has beaten the crud outta Spiderman, before all Iron Fist characters got their power boost. Plus Davos will be looking for the kill whereas Cap will be just be looking to knock him out. So i'd give it to Davos.

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I Give It To Davos.

Oh, And Villinova? Just So you Know, He May Be Cut Off From The Crane Mother's Chi Source, But Like All The Rest Of The Weapons, He Can Still Use His Own.

And Close Range, Which Both Of These Guys Are, I'd Say Davos'd Be The Better Hand To Hand Combatant, No Matter What All The Cap FanBoys'll Say.

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Has steel serpent now still use his chi or not

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I say Davos. And I'm with Gambit987, I'd like to know if he can still create a hand out of pure energy?