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Scenario:Ra's al Ghul has just returned to Gotham to exact revenge on Bruce Wayne. He hears of Dr. Strange's creation D.A.V.E that almost thwarted the Batman. So tells Strange to build him a new D.A.V.E. but with the combined psyche of all the inmates including Himself. Ra's sees this to be a better replacement in the League of Assassinsbecause he lacks empathy and will do whats necessary to finish the job. He tells Strange to make sure D.A.V.E. will know it's a robot and will not suffer any damage form lacking an origin story. D.A.V.E. meets up with Batman because of his Psyche(Probably Stranges) Challenge him in a battle of both intellect and skill. They will meet up Gotham in one week to see who is better the World's Greatest Detective or Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind. D.A.V.E. asks the help from Ra's al Ghul in preparation for the fight. He agrees but only if D.A.V.E becomes the leader of the League of Assassins. D.A.V.E. agrees and walks with Dr. Strange to help formulate a plan against Batman.


2 week prep from both

Neither will call reinforcements of any kind

Batman cannot win the same way he did in the episode(Must win by other means)

Realistic feats no Batkick into another page or Anti-Shark spray.

No Battle Field removal

(I love Batman in the comics so I wanted to see who is the better strategist)

If the fight is unfair pls tell me and I'll either try to balance it or if the fight is too one-sided then I'll ask this battle to be closed