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Location ; Coruscant. Jedi Temple.

Standard winning conditions.

Durge is blood-lusted.

Vader is in character.

Vader has only one lightsaber.

No prep.

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Darth Vader

I'm biased


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Vader in a close match.

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Darth Vader is a flipping beast not sure about the other guy so Im not giving any straight forward answer

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Vader should likely win. Anakin was able to defeat Durge on his own merit. I see Vader as being more powerful than Anakin if we're talking prime versions. Anakin is the faster and more agile swordsman, but he lacks the knowledge and understanding of the Dark Side (and the Force in general), self control, and experience that his older self possesses.

We have examples of Vader collapsing cathedrals, throwing small spaceships, and overwhelming high level Force users with his raw Force power, engaging and defeating multiple Jedi at once in lightsaber combat without showing any strain on his abilities, and showing that he can take a lot of punishment himself due to his mechanical limbs and other cyborg implants.

Not to say Durge wouldn't put up one hell of a fight, his Gen'Dai physiology would enable him to take a LOT of punishment before he fell in combat. But Vader, in my opinion is more deadly due to his extremely potent command of the Force, his willingness to use it to gain an edge in combat, and his overall efficiency in eliminating threats to his person give him the win here....