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Spectre is hunting the sith lord in the SW universe.

Sidious: Prep 2 weeks Spectre: No prep

Fight to the death.

Takes place on the planet where Sidious has all his clone bodies.

Sidious's Powers and Abilities.

Powers and abilities

Trained to perfection by Darth Plagueis, Darth Sidious was the most powerful Dark Lord of the Sith in the history of the Sith Order—something he himself firmly believed. Additionally, he was the only Sith Lord in a thousand years to achieve the ultimate goal of the Sith: to eradicate theJedi Order and bring the galaxy under the rule of the Sith.

Lightsaber training

Despite his frail appearance, Darth Sidious was incredibly skilled inlightsaber combat, one of the greatest duelists of all time. A Sith Swordmaster, Sidious was one of the very few who was the equal of Yoda or Mace Windu. Thanks to his tremendous skill, he killed Agen Kolar and Saesee Tiin—who were considered to be two of the finest Jedi of their time—each with a single blow, and while also engaged with Mace Windu, slew Kit Fisto moments later. He also managed to fight Yoda to a draw in a lightsaber duel later on. Many years later, Palpatine, in one of his clone bodies, engaged and defeated Luke Skywalker in a one-on-one lightsaber duel in his clone labs on Byss. He was ambidextrous and could change his fighting style at a whim—keeping his opponents unsure of what his next move would be. A master of every form of lightsaber combat and stances, Sidious drew his opponents in, fighting less than his true capability, and then striking the fatal blow when his opponents thought they had the better of him. When fighting at full strength, the Sith Lord was a terrifying opponent. During his assassination of the Gran Protectorate, the speed and ferocity of his technique was so great that it appeared as though his victims were dispatched by a phantom.

Sidious had an extremely aggressive dueling style and augmented his swordplay by using Force speed, which allowed him to defeat three experienced Jedi Masters with very little effort. His brutal fighting style allowed him to overwhelm Luke Skywalker during their first duel and Skywalker only barely defeated him during their second. In fact, the only people known to have defeated him in a lightsaber duel were Mace Windu on Coruscant and Luke Skywalker aboard the Eclipse.

Force Powers

In addition to his lightsaber combat skills, Darth Sidious was considered to be one of the greatest Force users of all time, perceived in the Force by his apprentice, Darth Tyranus, as a "black hole of the dark side." Sidious' relationship with the dark side was so deep to the point that he became a possession of the dark, and the dark became a possession of his. As an apprentice under Darth Plagueis' tutelage, he learned all the known dark side powers of his predecessors, until he considered himself the Sith'ari. Palpatine's mastery of the Force was such, that even he at times wondered if the Force had been so strong in anyone before him, feeling a monster rising from the core of his self, impatient to unleash itself. Shortly after the death of his master, Sidious received a most powerful vision from voices that proclaimed his reign. Palpatine himself considered that the simple act of glancing at him was tantamount to glimpsing the dark matter that bound and drove the galaxy.

Palpatine was a master of Force lightning and was known to use this both as a lethal attack, and as a way of torturing his enemies. In addition, he could use this power to light up the surface of a an entire planet. He could also use this power in conjunction with telekinesis to electrify objects that he is levitating before hurling them at his opponents, thus increasing the damage potency of the attack, called lightning grenade. He was also extremely skilled with telekinesis; during his battle with Yoda, he levitated several Senate pods simultaneously, including the one he was standing on, with incredible dexterity and precision. Likewise, he was skilled enough with telekinesis that he was also able to remove Luke Skywalker's restraints while barely even lifting his finger when meeting face to face on the Second Death Star. Sidious was a master of Force speed, implementing it into his fighting style and allowing him to move so quickly that his opponents would often find themselves unable to react in time.Darth Sidious also possessed the power of Force Flight. After the first decade of his apprenticeship under Darth Plagueis, Palpatine possessed an exceedingly feral usage of Force rage, demonstrated when he assassinated the members of the Gran Protectorate that organized his and his master's failed assassination attempt. He also utilized an ability similar to that of Static Barrier, which he utilized during his fight with Marek in conjunction with Force Flight to temporarily retreat from the battle in order to have his red guards and senate guards attack Marek.

Sidious was also the only known being capable of producing a Force storm of his own power, a dark side technique which he himself discovered, and that had enough power to kill an entire world. Using his anger and his will, Palpatine was able to rip the space-time continuum and create a hyperspace wormhole. It should be noted that even though he claimed to be able to conjure a storm simply by willing it, by his own admission he was not able to fully control it. By 10 ABY, however, the Emperor believed himself fully capable of controlling a Force storm, and it took Luke and Leia's combined efforts through the light side to turn his dark side creation against him.

Another very dangerous and advanced Force technique utilized by the Emperor was the ability to use the Force to transfer his essence, as well as the essences of others, which he used to survive death on at least two occasions. He had a supply of clone bodies ready to house his spirit until the last one succumbed to his own corrupting power and the sabotage of his subordinates. He also, when taking over a host's body, overwrote the soul and personality of the being to fully dominate over it. He used this power not only as a pathway to immortality, but also as a particularly cruel and sadistic form of torture; it is known that he killed and resurrected Imperial engineer Bevel Lemelisk seven times as punishment for the destruction of the first and second Death Stars. He also possessed some knowledge on the manipulation of Midi-Chlorians, having done so with Darth Plagueis in a Grand Experiment taking place in 42 BBY that indirectly and unwittingly resulted in the birth of the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker. However, he was unable to fully master the technique prior to murdering Plagueis.

Among the Emperor's powers was the ability to channel the collective life essences of billions to sustain himselfand his Dark Side Adepts; his victims would live in a dream-like state while his own power grew. The entire population of Byss lived under this spell until the planet's destruction by the Galaxy Gun. It was mentioned by Luke Skywalker that the Emperor's very voice had a hypnotic lull to it whenever he was outwardly projecting his dark side Force powers. Darth Sidious was highly adept at foreseeing the future, often utilizing the power to see his plots to fruition, ensuring that all would proceed as he had envisioned. Furthermore, Sidious was a master ofForce stealth, able to hide his dark nature from the Jedi Order for many years before allowing himself to be discovered. Sidious was so powerful in the dark side that he was able to cloud the Jedi's vision, making it exceedingly difficult to predict future events. He was also capable of enhancing force sensitivity on other people through the use of rituals. He used several of these rituals to enhance his Dark Side Elite's force powers.

Upon spending decades immersing himself in the many facets of the Force, it was believed that Palpatine had a mastery over all known powers, previously unknown powers, and could create new abilities on a whim. By the time of his final death, he had become a nexus of the dark side capable of tearing apart the fabric of space.

In the end, only two known beings have been unambiguously capable of seriously combating Darth Sidious on equal terms without aid: Yoda and Galen Marek

Sidious as a Sith sorcerer and alchemist

Palpatine was a master of Sith alchemy, an ancient art he was taught by Darth Plagueis. He wrote about alchemy in The Creation of Monsters, the unfinished last part of his Dark Side Compendium. He rediscovered the long-forgotten art of creating chrysalides, and used it to alchemically alter rancors into fearsome chrysalis beasts used as pets at his Citadel on Byss. He also created Shadow Droids, hybrid mechanic/organic starfighters controlled by his own will, used against the Republic after his return in a clone body. He may have also used alchemy to hide his true face from the Jedi and the rest of the galaxy as a senator and Chancellor of the Republic. The Dark Lord also possessed knowledge of Sith magic, allowing him to use arcane rituals to detect poisons and drugs in food and drink.

Spectre Powers and Abilities.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Nigh-Omnipotence/Divine Wrath: As a servant of God, The Spectre is granted limitless power, being capable of nearly any feat within his imagination. The Spectre is said to be the most powerful, being second to only one.
  • Intangibility
  • Flight: Ability to fly at any speed
  • Invisibility
  • Teleportation
  • Size Alteration: The Spectre can increase or decrease his overall volume to nearly any size he chooses. The limits of this ability are subject only to the degree of power available to him at any one time. At the height of his power, the Spectre has been able to make himself large enough to literally straddle planets. It should be noted that although his volume may increase, this does not necessarily mean that his mass or density will increase in proportion (although it could if he so chooses). There have been many instances where the Spectre has increased his volume to mountain-sized levels without causing any structural damage to the environment around him. In contrast, the Spectre can compress his corporeal form and has been known to become small enough that he could exist inside of a needle.
  • Ectokinesis
    • Metamorphosis: The Spectre can alter his basic physical form into any number of geometric shapes. This is used primarily as an intimidation tactic, and if he chooses, he can alter his traditional physical appearance to include extraneous characteristics such as extra limbs, horns, claws, etc. The Spectre's mien usually adapts facial characteristics from his human hosts such as Jim Corrigan, Hal Jordan and Crispus Allen.
    • Elasticity: The Spectre's physical form, comprised mostly of ectoplasm, can stretch and compress to varying lengths and thickness.
    • Reality Alteration
  • Fear Projection: ability to project fear into the heart and souls of his adversaries.
  • Inanimate Possession: inhabit and animate inanimate objects
  • Illusion Casting: The ability to project realistic illusions
  • Impenetrable Mists
  • Astral Projection
  • Sorcery: Possesses mastery over virtually all forms of magic use.
  • Discern Motivation: sense the intentions of people in the place where they plan to carry those intentions out.
  • Cosmic Awareness: The Spectre knows many secrets of the universe and its inhabitants, though even he is not omniscient.
  • Precognition: The Spectre can sometimes get glimpses into the future, although this is not without great difficulty. The only time he was given a long, vivid glimpse into the future was when the Presence granted him one in order to warn the JLA and prevent universal destruction.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Invulnerability: The Spectre is impervious to nearly all forms of physical damage. Being a spiritual entity, the Spectre cannot be slain in the conventional sense, though he can be destroyed by sufficiently powerful means.


  • Occultism: The Spectre is knowledgeable of the occult, the history of various occult-related rituals and demonology.
  • Intimidation: Less a skill than an application of his powers, the Spectre excels at being able to intimidate and frighten his adversaries. This is usually done through showy spectacles such as assuming a monstrous appearance, growing in size, projecting a loud, booming voice, etc.
  • The Logoz: The inner aspect that is the Spectre's direct channel to God.

Strength level

Near-limitless; the Spectre was able to sink Atlantis simply by stepping on it.


  • Sufficiently Powerful Magic: The Spectre can be injured or even slain by sufficient magic force, most notably the Spear of Destiny or a fully empowered Eclipso.
  • Divine Limitations: The Presence can impose limits on what the Spectre is able to do, as it did in binding the Spectre to a mortal host.
  • Divine Law: There are certain boundaries even the Spectre must not cross. If it does, it faces the punishment of the Presence. When the Spectre killed Nabu, it drew the Presence's attention, and was recalled.
  • Finite Power: The Spectre is one of the most powerful magical forces in existence , but his power is not infinite. If the Spectre performs a sufficiently great act of magic, its power is lessened, and it becomes vulnerable to magic, for as long as the working is maintained. One example of this was the Spectre's creation of a living body for Jim Corrigan.
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Spectre stomps all the Jedi and Sith combined, along with all the Star wars universe.

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Spectre stomps all the Jedi and Sith combined, along with all the Star wars universe.

Not true. I can accept stomping all of Jedi/Sith, but not all of SW, which contains omnipotent beings.

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Spectre stomps all the Jedi and Sith combined, along with all the Star wars universe.

Not true. I can accept stomping all of Jedi/Sith, but not all of SW, which contains omnipotent beings.

Who/which beings are omnipotent in the SW universe?

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@kingkronos said:

Spectre stomps all the Jedi and Sith combined, along with all the Star wars universe.

Not true. I can accept stomping all of Jedi/Sith, but not all of SW, which contains omnipotent beings.

Omnipotent beings? That's new.

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The spite is strong in this one.
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