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No morals

Both teams are bloodlusted

No prep

fight takes place in the star wars universe

Who wins

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Skywalker beats Darth Sidious (this actually happened after the Emperor comes back after his death)...

Superman is faster and stronger than Thor and so defeats him...

Hence the second team wins

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1st in a thunderstomp

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Luke > Palpatine

Superman > Thor

Team 2 wins

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Luke is definitely defeating Palpatine, but it will be a long and arduous battle. I'm assuming the same for the other two, but it's more debatable. I would say Superman wins, but I don't think that Thor doesn't have a chance. But still, team 2 definitely wins.

@LordMasterGod said:

1st in a thunderstomp

Well, apparently this is baseless, but honestly, I have no idea how you think this is possible.

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