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All 3 have the same lightsabre here,darth maul can't use force chokes or force pushes. Hand 2 hand skills only.

vs vs ===

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DS and Blade have no experience with a lightsaber. That said I might still give the win to DS because his swordsmanship skills are that good. Strict H2H he definitely wins.

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I think Wolverine wins this one, Spider-man has good sword skills but Wolverine has been trained as a ninja.

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@FiguredOut95 said:

I think Wolverine wins this one, Spider-man has good sword skills but Wolverine has been trained as a ninja.

Where did you get Wolverine from???
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Darth Maul wins

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Hand to hand only, but they get Lightsabers? do you mean just melee combat?

Maul speed is signifacently better than Blade's and Deathstroke. Plus they don't have the force, so they can't properly use a lightsaber.

Maul wins.

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Darth Maul



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@JamesKM716: sorry yeah i mean hand to hand via lightsabres without the force gig,but yeah your right. my bad.

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Force is like spidy sence plus it enhances speed strength and maul aint no joke he'd read their feelings and know their every move obi wan beat him by fluke maul was the best... Maul wins

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Darth Maul

I don't understand why so many people put Star Wars characters in fights if they're just going to nerf them? But still, Maul. Not knowing how to use a lightsaber means that you're more likely to hack one of your own limbs off than anyone else's. It has no counterweight like a normal sword does. That means you can't tell where the blade is. Deathstroke might be able to wield it after a second or two, but he's still not experienced with it. Nor is he near Maul's Force Speed/Senses. Blade just plain loses hard.

Maul > Deathstroke > Blade

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Can't maul just force choke?

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Not much of a Maul fan but he takes it.

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Darth maul wins because he was rained better with a lightsaber and Darth maul being a Sith he can most likely predict movement with the force, you never said his other force abilities were locked. also he can use his ability to jump great heights and run at fast speeds. and clouding his enemies predictions of where he might strike.

and to top that off a lightsaber will most likely handle differently than the normal blades that deathstroke or blade have trained for.

darth maul wins.

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Maul would stomp them both,,,,this is maul in his element, no one is touching him

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Maul stomps, since neither of them know how to use a saber, and lack the ability or skill (or training) to wield one.