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What if Darth Malgus had fought Shaak Ti instead of Ven Zallow during the Sacking of Coruscant? Anything goes.


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I'd say that Shaak Ti should win this. Malgus is written as if he is powerful but we haven't seen enough feats for him (that said though, I haven't finished TOR yet so he might have something impressive in there that I haven't encountered yet).

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@guttridgeb: Yeah, I'm thinking Shaak Ti wins too. Malgus is OK in lightsaber combat, but he's never fought anyone on Shaak Ti's level except for Satele Shan, and that wasn't even her at her peak.

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@shroudofsorrow said:

but he's never fought anyone on Shaak Ti's level except for Satele Shan, and that wasn't even her at her peak.

If there's anything to say about Satele Shan's saber combat at that point, it is mediocrity. She was almost featless back then, and was nowhere near Shaak Ti in saber combat.

However, Malgus wasn't as his prime either. Around the time of Deceived (since that is the Malgus being used in this fight) Malgus really wasn't too special yet...... we can't bring in his feat of battling the Hero of Tython, the Barsen'thor, the "Ace" and the Havoc Squad Commander/the Emperor's Wrath, Kallig II, the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt and Cipher Nine.

Force-wise though, Malgus could very well win.

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@ShootingNova: I thought Malgus' TK was medicore.

And I believe I did mention that Satele wasn't in her prime when Malgus fought her.

The Smuggler's title is "The Voidtamer".

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@shroudofsorrow: No, it's "Voidhound".

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@ShootingNova: That was the name of the person the Smuggler killed, which got him/her the title of "Voidtamer".

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@shroudofsorrow: According to Wookieepedia, it was the Smuggler. I know it's Wookieepedia, but generally a wiki like that won't make that kind of mistake.

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@ShootingNova said:

@shroudofsorrow: According to Wookieepedia, it was the Smuggler. I know it's Wookieepedia, but generally a wiki like that won't make that kind of mistake.

I thought it was "commander of the whatever squad" thing. Or maybe that was the trooper. I just thought the smuggler eventually led some squad to victory or something. I don't know; I don't play the game often and that is the absolute last class I'd play as.

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@JediXMan: Yeah, that's the trooper. LOL, the Smuggler is that last class? I thought that would be Consular :)

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@ShootingNova: They wouldn't generally, no, but they did here. The "Voidhound" was the name of a person the Smuggler killed. Thus, the Smuggler became the "Voidtamer"

And man, this thread's become off-topic...

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Yeah... I'm honestly not sure who'd win, but i'm leaning towards Shaak Ti.

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@shroudofsorrow: Are you sure?

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Malgus wins 7/10. He is comparable in skill, just as powerful, if not more, just as fast, much stronger and so on.

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Comparing their lightsaber ability is too hard, if you ask me. Malgus's saber ability can be judged only by the impartial qualities. Ven Zallow and Kao Cen-Darach can be measured with use of TOR trailers visuals only, and with some more neutral things to consider, such as Zallow stomping through mutiple Force Sensitives. Of course, these feats are also ambiguous and can't tell much except puting him in the area of high-skilled Jedi. I'm doing this just by noticing that even cannon fodder trained Jedi/Sith, on their lowest level, are still simply worth something in general - and for Zallow to outright stomp them, the power gap has to be huge. Such gap, even if we take those featless guys as the lowest Force Sensitive cannon fodder, is huge enough to make Zallow very respectable - I hope that I described it properly. Malgus has very similiar feats, also stomping cannon fodder Jedi. Then of course is his duel with Zallow itself. Still, it doesn't say much, as it is hard to find Zallow/Malgus/Darach competitors that would provide us more feats. We don't even have feats against regular cannon fodder (i.e. common troopers), which would be useful if providing us with precise numbers - although only in a few areas, as fighting a gunner is a completely different thing, albeit utilizing multiple common areas (lightsaber skill, technique, speed, reflexes [when being aware of the proper disparities]). Shaak Ti has a few, but Malgus none, and in such a situation - Shaak's feats are useless. Her ability against cannon fodder would mean something if we had feats from both sides to compare, or when one combatant would have extremely outstanding achievments (such as Obi-Wan).

There are, however, a few much more impartial qualities to consider. Those would be: the sheer speed demonstrated by Malgus in Deceived novel in his duel against Aryn Leener. Both Malgus and Leener are shown to be faster than Shaak Ti. Of course, it is only one book, which may as well be overdone in the description part and not accurate enough. Still, it's something.

If Shaak Ti had more feats, it would be done, but she isn't very impressive saber-wise. She was easily below Grievous, she was winning against Starkiller, would defeat completely and utterly featless, unknown Artel Darc in a canceled novel, and defeated non-sensitive Shogar Tok while wounded and tired. Honestly, her best feat is the last one, but speaks more about her constitution and control - nerves, whole body, react on a completely different level when you're seriously wounded and tired and it says a lot about her ability to sustain damage and hold control over her own body and weapon, when she accomplished a rather clear kill in a conventional duel when in such a condition. Grievous's strength is rather obvious, and heavily tired Ti could withstand it for a certain amount of time. However, Malgus's survival of everything that occured on Alderaan evens it out.

In the end I can't really say much. It is hard to create a proper comparison with the way those characters were built and demonstrated. Their skill is incomparable for me, their durability is on a similiar level, if you add traits of her species to her feats, and Malgus seems to be significantly faster. Malgus, however, is certainly physically stronger, although I do not find much support of the common idea that his strength outmatches Shaak's to an extreme extent. He IS stronger, but not to the point he can outmatch Shaak with sheer strength of his strikes.

Malgus, however, is so superior to Shaak in his Force connection that it's a joke. I honestly don't even see the need of comparison. Suffice to say, Malgus's Force Lightning could kill on impact, his Force Grip could break through defenses of trained Jedi, utilized mid-combat telekinesis powerful enough to force his opponent through a fallen remainings of the wall, pushed off the rubble from crushed buildings and much more.

The end.

@shootingnova - I don't know if you're interested in it after a year, but shroudofsorrow is right about Smuggler's "name".

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@jkbart: Very nice breakdown mate. I agree with you although I give the nod to Malgus in dueling and martial arts skill. I can see why someone would be dubious about comparing them as duelists, though.

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@jkbart: I found that out... after playing the SWTOR Smuggler story. And after getting the encyclopedia.

On-topic, Malgus wrecks her.