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No prep
Bloodlusted on
No morals
They fight on The Star Destroyer

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Vader pretty easily.

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malgus looks like a helmet less vader , and yes i know nothing on darth malgus

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@guttridgeb said:

Vader pretty easily.

Why how ?

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@spawn_123: Malgus doesn't have any feats that would put him close to Vader.

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Malgus looks more mobile and dangerous.

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I'm assuming this hasn't been done before, but I've got some feeling that it has....

Regardless, Vader stomps in a saber duel. Malgus has only beaten featless Jedi like Ven Zallow, Satele Shan as a Padawan and Jedi Knight (and she was virtually featless in saber skills at that time, trained as a Consular, she was never focused on lightsaber and had nothing special tied to that, at least not till she became Grand Master) and Adraas (who has only beaten featless beings and was remarked to be more politician than warrior).

Malgus's telekinesis is pitiful next to Vader, who has crumbled cathedrals, thrown around ships, knocked over trees of gargantuan stature, crushed enormous droids, and so on. And Malgus really has nothing else in terms of Force Power over Vader, in fact, Vader destroys him in a Force battle also.

Vader stomps.

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@Tank.: Ah, hello. I haven't seen you in a while.

All the more reason to flag this thread, I guess, haha.

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how dare anyone seriously post a battle like this... sacrilegious....

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