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Location ; Mustafar. 
Both have a red lightsaber. 
Both will fight at their best. 
No prep. 
No morals. 
Winner by Death. 
Who wins?

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Neither one has any morals to begin with.

In any event, Dooku stomps, though since it looks like you chose Krayt in his second armor, he may last a little longer, but he still loses.

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@JediXMan: Does Dooku stomp? 
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Dooku, for certain.

In regards to saber combat, Dooku has shown a far superior skill in the handling of a lightsaber, decades of training and honing his skills. He has defeated Windu before, defeated Grievous through pure dueling, was able to contend against Obi-Wan and Anakin in their prime (yes, he was losing, but Krayt would have been stomped) and was able to hold his ground against blows with the force of a meteor strike. He has easily overpowered Ventress, and so on, but the point meant to be illustrated is vastly superior saber prowess. Krayt's saber skills are pitiful, contending with Celeste Morne is significantly inferior to what Dooku has done. Krayt might have overpowered Cade Skywalker, but he doesn't really have any impressive feats either.

And Dooku is still superior to Krayt in Force power. Lifting boulders and hurling them is far more impressive than throwing stones, so it's over for TK. They have both managed to kill several beings with a single blast of Lightning, and that's about the only thing that they are equal in.

@shroudofsorrow said:

Neither one has any morals to begin with.

Umm..... yes, they do. But it's irrelevant anyways.

@ShadowKing said:

@JediXMan: Does Dooku stomp?

Most likely.