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So who takes it? If this is a dupe thread, my apologies. Didn't see it in Search.

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Pre Retcon MM

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i've always wondered...........what does "pre-retcon" mean????

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@cosmicallyaware1: It means to use a version of that character before they changed his/hers past usually to nullify feats making him/her weaker. Example pre-retcon beyonder was on the same level as TOAA in secret wars later on they change it so secret wars never happens they way it originally was told and he that he was half a cosmic cube then further changed it making him an inhuman. Here's another site explaining it in better detail Four Post down is where he explains it. As for the word Pre-retcon it's self it means before retroactive continuity

Edit To add MM wins and to clarify a little a retcon is when Event A nullifies event B making it as if it never happened. Pre-retcon is when event A was still valid and event B never took place.

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@cosmicallyaware1 said:

i've always wondered...........what does "pre-retcon" mean????

To add a little bit more to what he said, specifically regarding Molecule Man: pre-recton MM usually refers to the MM during the end of Secret Wars I and throughout Secret Wars II. During this time he was the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe other than the Beyonder. Afterward, he was retconned to be much less powerful: he and the Beyonder each shared half the power of a Cosmic Cube. This is still pretty powerful, but nowhere near as much as before. Ironically, the Secret Wars I and II era Molecule Man (a.k.a. pre-retcon Molecule Man) was himself essentially a retcon (or perhaps reconceptualization) of his previous incarnation, in which he could only (usually) affect inorganic molecules. So Molecule Man has had at least 3 levels of power (more, really, but those are the main three).

In this battle, pre-retcon MM wipes the floor with Darkseid. I think post-retcon MM also beats him handily--especially the Darkseid who appeared in Justice League recently. Even original (inorganic only) MM might beat him, although if we bring character into account, clearly Darkseid has the dominant character and may well just browbeat original MM into submission through sheer force of personality.