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no prep time 
who wins

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Darkseid wrecks him.

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Been done, 
willing to bet more times than my age.
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DS in horrible stomp...

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@czarny_samael said:
" DS in horrible stomp... "
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@czarny_samael: u believe a 5000  year old  being, with multiple powers....who cant die...could not beat Dark seid in a random encounter? lol u are hilarious
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darkseids alot older with alot more powers actually
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The big blue lipped freak would be destroyed.  
If it was more AOA, then he'd have a chance.  
He's been jobbing waayyy too much recently.
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@Valtot:  dark seid  cannot match celestial technology  and  Apocalyose has an array of powers

having psionic powers , and durability he  Could resist  energy  like  Dark seids omega beams or deflect them.
Apoc can alter his size to beyond master mold size...which would increase his powers expeditiously
I believe Apoc  could  turn Dark seid into his minion.....apoc is very good at that