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The originals or the fusion between the two?

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Thanos and darkseid take the win, each for their own couldnt beat thanoside but the two together surely will.

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Warsman says:

"The originals or the fusion between the two?"

Looks like a tie... well not really.. When Vegeta & Goku fuse, their power skyrockets about 1000 times.. soo maybe... The same goes for Thanoseid. =I

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God that amalgam concept was retarded. 
Team wins.

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@AtPhantom said:
.   Team wins. "
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hmm Thanoseid wins...he omega beams darkseid out first..due to him being a threat..and then tosses thanos around...although this is all speculation
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Wouldnt the jobbyness of Darkseid make Thanoseid somewhat of a jobber too?

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As usual, Klandicar fails.

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Wont the jobbyness of Thanos transfer over to Thanoseid? I guess Drax could just punch through Thanoseids chest for a win.
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seriously, do you kids get tired of posting the same crap over and over again?

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thanos and darkseid are too much for their crapalgum

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IIRC, amalgams' powers didn't stack. That's why Super-Soldier was weaker than Superman.

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Team wins.
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Team wins.