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I thought this would be an interesting battle between two characters brought in around the 90's that kind of fell into secondary roles or in Sleepwalker's case almost faded away into obscurity.  
Anyways, both are at their peaks, both have their morals on and fight till someone is KO'ed. 

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I know there are some Darkhawk fans on here, and not a lot of Sleepwalker fans. (I'm more of a Darkhawk fan) 
But I think this is a close one. Sleepwalker I think is slightly stronger than Darkhawk. They are both pretty durable, I think Darkhawk is probably more so than Sleepwalker. They both can fly/hover/glide. Darkhawk can shoot energy blasts and has a claw. Sleepwalker has that weird gaze power which I don't completely understand, I guess it's something kind of alter reality with it I guess.  It could be a difference maker. 
Since I don't know too much about it, I'm going with Darkhawk until someone explains it to me, lol. I say Darkhawk 7/10

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@Tone702: Nice using Sleepwalker!! I don't think I've seen him in a battle in a very long time.

I may have to say Darkhawk though, he seems right on the cusp of being a cosmic powerhouse. I dont really remember how Sleepwalker's powers work either though, so I could be shortchanging him : /

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Sleepwalker have better overall stats and combat abilities than Darkhawk, though I'm not sure about the armors full capabilities. I think he can summon weapons that he could change things. He also has that Hulkbuster-looking armor which I don't know what it is capable of. Sleepwalker can take a hit from Hercules so he's more durable, but they both have fast recovery where Sleepwalker can return to the mental dimension and Darkhawk can unsummon his armor and have it quickly repaired. Sleepwalker has a limited reality-altering ability with his eye rays that could warp the shape of anything, and have some other effects like banishing extra-dimensional beings and breaking possessions. It's also fast enough to warp bullets in motion.

Since they have met before, Sleepwalker is most likely aware that Darkhawk is wearing an armor and not some kind of cyborg. He'd probably just completely disable him by warping his armor. I'm not sure if he still has it, but Sleepwalker also had a weapon that could completely capture a person's mind if he swipes the head. I'd give the edge to Sleepwalker.