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Dark Raiden has secured Earthrealm's freedom but he is still not satisfied. Wanting to control all the Earth's across the infinite multi-verse, Raiden ebarks on a quest into the void. He opens a portal to an alternate Earth, in an alternate time and space, and after he steps through he finds himself in on Earth DB. Sensing a powerful group of life forces, Raiden surmizes that these signature must be this Earth's protectors, so he blinks to that point.

Upon appearing at Kami's lookout, Dark Raiden finds all the Z-fighters training, and his presence immediately attracts their attention. Raiden singles out Kami as the one he has come to do battle with. Goku and the other Z-warriors step forward to protect there friend and mentor, but Kami waves them off telling them not to interfere in this inter-demensional duel. The challenge excepted Dark Raiden and Kami square off on the look out as the rest of the Z-fighters are looking on.

Dark Raiden




Fight starts on the look out, but can go anywhere.

Raiden is at full power

This is Kami at the end of dragon ball (movie feats can be used too)

Who will be the last gaurdian standing?

(click here for round 2: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/battles/7/dragonball-vs-mortal-kombat/751360/)

(click here for round 3: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/battles/7/final-kombat-goku-vs-liu-kang/751439/)

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With equal speed, it would be a hard question. Kami capable to destroy the moon. His average blast is at least nuke level. Raiden almost wiped the life from Earth while fighting against Shinnok(though he was powered up a little by the elder gods). He is above nuke level too.

But he is way slower to Kami.