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Each character receives 1 week prep. There are three rounds:

Round 1: Pure hand to hand combat Takes place on the rooftops of Gotham

Round 2: Standard gadgets and whatever they do normally Takes place on top of Teen Titans Tower

Round 3: Bonus Round! - This fight will take place at the JLA watchtower while no one is there and the defense systems aren't activated for all you smart people. Teen Titans Robin teams up with Slade and Batman teams up with Red Hood.

Blood lust will be on for all three rounds. No morals.

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@CalebHara said:

Batman's armour and durability gives him the win in round 2. Robin is far more skilled than this version of Batman. The Nolan verse is actually realistic.

This isn't Nolan verse Batman.

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haha Nolan Batman is never beating an animated Teen Titans Robin.
Also, this is Dark Knight Returns Batman, the one from the Frank Miller comic.

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Robin wins every round in a stomp

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But Nolanwanking aside, I'm going with Robin. DKR Batman is crazy badass and scrappy as hell, but I don't think he's fast enough to keep up with the anime-esque version of Robin.

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@JediXMan: ohhh, i could have sworn i just read "Dark Knight Rises" Batman.... well thats awkward, and i bet i look pretty stupid now, lol. Just disregard my comment.

Good battle though, now that i actually no the real combatants, lmfao.

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@202122: come on he will did the same like the mutant leader to robin

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You all are silly. Batman stomps round 1 and 2.....as long as he remembers not to fight like a young man and that they're on an operating table and he's the surgeon. TDKR Batman is way too strong and durable for Robin even if he is a bit slower. He's also much more knowledgeable. Batman's equipment and mentality is also more severe than Robin's. Batman's stuff is designed to cut flesh and leave opponents potentially crippled as is Batman himself.

Round 3 also goes goes to team Batman. Red Hood like Batman is more skilled than both these versions of Deathstroke and Robin. Jason has no problem filling Slade's head full of lead to keep him down while using lethal force won't be this version of Slades first instinct.

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Oh god I thought you were talking about rises for a sec there

R1 Robin

R2 Batman

R3 Robin and Slade