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The fight takes place on a jungle planet. Both teams have access to their usual equipment. No PIS,CIS

It is raining and they start five miles apart. Teams only win when if they can capture everyone on the opposing team. The teams lose if they kill anyone or put them in a coma. please give explanation to your choice. (No Batman/Prometheus solos post).

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Well, I believe Daredevil would beat Nightwing, and I also believe that both T'Challa and Kraven would beat Batman in random encounters, but my understanding of Prometheus based on second-hand information is that he would seem to be too much for the Marvel team.

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team 2 wins due superior tactical ability

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Close one. I'm going Marvel due to terrain alone. They have a better chance of separating and ambushing in this terrain given T'challa and Kraven.

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Team 1 easy