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Poll: daredevil vs snake eyes (29 votes)

daredevil 48%
snake eyes 55%
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winner is daredevil

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Movie Snake Eyes was a beast. But if we're going by comics, Daredevil.


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He's on par with batman in fighting skill, a weapons master, and physically on par or superior to Murdock in every way.

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@lunacyde said:


He's on par with batman in fighting skill, a weapons master, and physically on par or superior to Murdock in every way.

Dare devil beats the crap out of peopl, and he's blind.

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He's on par with batman in fighting skill, a weapons master, and physically on par or superior to Murdock in every way.

Dare devil beats the crap out of peopl, and he's blind.

Yeah...stellar argument there.

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@lunacyde said:

@nick31898 said:

@lunacyde said:


He's on par with batman in fighting skill, a weapons master, and physically on par or superior to Murdock in every way.

Dare devil beats the crap out of peopl, and he's blind.

Yeah...stellar argument there.

Why thank you

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I have yet to hear an argument as to why Daredevil would win.

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Rethinking things, I think this could go either way, these two guys should be equals in fighting skill, Snake Eyes guns, etc really aren't a factor here because Matt evades those kinds if things easily often with his Radar Sense. Snake Eyes has enhanced speed, strength, etc but again, this isn't really a huge advantage considering that Matt has beaten people with enhanced physicals before. Overall, this fight goes either way.

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@lunacyde: I'll try to present one.

Firstly, your claim that Batman and Snake-Eyes are equals in skill. This isn't a Batman vs Snake Eyes thread, but this (false) statement implies that he is more skilled than Daredevil. He is not. I am aware that one writer stated that they are equals. But there are plenty of writers who would disagree, and going by feats Batman outpaces him. Now, onto your other statements.

Skill wise, Eyes is outpaced here. Daredevil is a well known master of pressure points, and has such feats as defeating Black Panther and holding his own against Captain America.

His being a weapons master is not very important. Daredevil regularly, easily blocks bullets. This is one of those more impressive showings I have yet to see Eyes equal or surpass.

As for strength, I am aware that Snake-Eyes has smashed stone statues and what not, but we all know Daredevils best strength feasts. From bending steel bars, to flipping occupied armored limos. What about the time DD used an iron wrecking ball to shatter Absorbing Man's diamond arm? Or the one when he used a tire like a slingshot to propel an engine, destroying a truck?

Matt wins here. His superior speed, skill, and strength grant him the win.

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1.Yes, many writers may disagree, but since none of them have written a good deal of work for both characters their opinions would carry less weight. Besides that though we also have the characters creator Larry Hama who has made clear Snake-Eyes is to be considered the most dangerous, skilled fighter in his universe. Now I do understand that all universes are not created equal, but someone who has mastered dozens of martial arts, every melee weapon known to man, and has mastery of form and magnitude of ki that surpasses anything anyone in their universe has seen that lends strong evidence to corroborate the writers assertion that Snake-eyes is on par with Batman. Since you want to go by feats, can you name a martial arts feat that Snake-Eyes could not replicate? I'm aware Batman has MORE Feats considering he has been in a great deal more stories. However I am not aware of any martial arts feats that Snake-Eyes could not qualitatively pull off.

Without going into too much detail holding your own against Black Panther and Cap isn't something Snake-eyes could not pull off as well. People with less training, lower physicals, and less fighting skill have done the same.

Snake-eyes, and even Storm Shadow (who is considered the less skilled of the two) have deflected multiple bullets in one panel before.

As for the strength feats, I find some of them a little far fetched. However most fan favorite street levellers have a couple wtf they shouldn't be able to do that high end feats that stick out so it's not that big of a deal. When we look at the volumn of work Daredevil has appeared in I think we can agree that he is not a 3 tonner which is about what would be required to flip that limo. He's also been depicted KOing Tombstone with a sledgehammer which is also clearly poor writing. Overall though I think their common strength levels are close enough that it really shouldn't be a deciding factor.

All in all I appreciate your well put together argument, it is very good considering some arguments I've seen. However I do disagree and have pointed out some of the flaws. I don't believe you have shown Matt having superior skill, much less speed, so for the record I believe Snake Eyes wins 6.5/10.

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I think Daredevil is just as fast as Snake Eyes. This scan shows him disappearing from a sniper scope in broad day light.

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I don't have access to the scans right now from my phone but Storm Shadow has done the same thing and he's considered the lesser of the two. I also have scans of SE speed blitzing a group of soldiers before any of them could react, and catching a guy riding a motorcycle from behind on foot just to name two instances.

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@kenleo101: been done at least 3 times before.. use the search function or google it..

Daredevil may have won the votes but actually arguments goes for Snake Eyes, and between empty votes and solid arguments I take the second please..

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I still think this could go either way really. Snake might have an edge with physicals, but Matt has beaten physically superior opponents before. Snake also has an equipment advantage, but Matt has also beaten people with Snake's type of equipment before. DD's Radar Sense will probably provide an advantage, but it wont be that huge. They should be equal fighters. I think this matchup really just ends up in a 5/10 split.

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Daredevil using pressure points to knock out Mister Hyde or using chi to heal himself should put him over Eye's. Through skill he has also defeated 100 yakuza, who were using MGH. Google Mutant Growth Hormone.


Did they have a bullet fired at their back, turn around, and deflect it with enough precision to non-lethally wound the assailant?

They still happened. Any one of the strength feats I named are superior to Snake Eyes, and I could list more. Matt is stronger.

Matt still wins. He is more skilled, and I think most importantly, fights a much harder variety of opponent. If Venom couldn't touch him, how will Snake-Eyes?

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I agree that it could go either way, there are many variables to consider. That's why I said SE takes 6.5/10. I believe he has the slight advantage to take the majority. Both are great fighters.

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Comicbook Snake Eyes puts the movie version to shame.Will post a few scans tomorrow of SE being on a Par imo with DD but due to his gear taking this encounter imo.

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@lunacyde said:


He's on par with batman in fighting skill, a weapons master, and physically on par or superior to Murdock in every way.

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How about fighting his way through a fortress of different opponents, many with augmented physical attributes and cybernetic implants. Snake-Eyes has used pressure points and nerve strikes as well. He even modified the Arashikage Death Touch to knock out Billy non-lethally. If we want to talk precision he has purposely missed killing blows by less than an inch(once against Storm Shadow, once against Scarlett) during fights. Snake-eyes can also fight blind (without the aid of a radar sense), control his bodily functions well enough to fool modern medical equipment, and make such controlled sword strokes he could undress his opponent without touching their skin.

Bucky, crossbones, Red Skull to name a few. None have the combination of skill, physicals, and experience SE has and yet all can give BP and Cap a hard time.

Just because something happened doesn't mean it wasn't poor writing and inconsistent with the characters normal feats and stated abilities. Just because Batman kicked the Spectre and Black Panther put Silver Surfer in an armbar doesn't mean they are acceptable feats. For Daredevil to have flipped that limo would have required him to be around a 3 tonner and we know he isn't so it's inconsistent and a poor example to use. He's stated as being an Olympic level athlete in the handbooks, not even peak human and you are suggesting he's stronger than Captain America.

It isn't really important. No, they didn't deflect their bullets back toward their attacker. However it is not more impressive reflex wise deflecting a single shot back with precision as opposed to deflecting a volley of shots. The fact that DD's back was to the guy is kind of pointless since his senses alerted him the guy was there, and he knew the shot was coming before it was even fired.

Venom not being able to touch DD is once again poor writing. Guys like Melvin Potter land blows on DD. Venom has higher physical stats than Spider-Man. It just doesn't add up.

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@lunacyde: Batman modified the Leopard Deathblow, and was able to use it in front of it's creator (Lady Shiva) without her telling. He has also modified the Vibrating Palm technique to be non-lethal. Once he induced a coma that fooled modern medical equipment, and brought himself out of it as well. Batman used a nerve pinch to bring Damian out of a coma that when used incorrectly would kill. He has many other impressive feats that I don't want to list here. BUT, while not convincing me that he is Batman's equal, you have convinced me that he is Daredevil's superior in skill.

Both those feats can be explained if you read the comics they come from. Silver Surfer let BP armbar him to learn more about the situation. Spectre let Batman kick him so he could release some of his anger. He has many other strength feats like the ones I mentioned that put him above Eye's.

I am willing to concede that Snake-Eye's wins. He is more skilled and a quicker combatant. Throw in his wide array of weapons and he wins.

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Snake Eyes, and it appears my arguments have all been made for me. It's hard to quantify some of Snake Eyes feats to guys from Marvel/DC because there aren't really any superhumans in the GI Joe-verse. But just because they aren't there doesn't mean he couldn't take them. He has, in my opinion, proven to be at least the equal of comics best hand to hand fighters and been called the equivalent of using four nuclear warheads by Duke. He brings more equipment to the table than Daredevil as well, and he is a master of everything he uses whether it be firearm, sword, knife, or shuriken.

Well played @lunacyde, it's nice to see another Snake Eyes fan.

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@granitesoldier: I could say the same. It's been lonely here by myself all these years lol.