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Fight takes place in Hells kitchen, normal characters one day prep.

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@spiderpool94: Daredevil with ease. I'm a big fan of Lobster Johnson but he's really not all that when comprared to most other comic book heroes. He's a great a character to read but put him against someone like DD and he's just gonna have his ass handed to him. Daredevil has superhuman powers and physical abilities way beyond anything The Lobster can do and he's just as smart if not smarter (Where's The Lobster's Law degree?).

For instance there is no way Lobster Johnson is going to get a bead on him with his gun, not with the way Daredevil senses & moves around his environment. As for H2H, do you think that Lobster Johnson being somewhat stronger, faster and tougher than the average man from the 1930's (a decade when smoking, drinking & cholesterol was regarded as healthy) is enough to take on DD?

A peak-human 21st century fitness fanatic with 360 degree 'vision' who can hit like a heavy weight boxer, put an Olympic gold medal gymnast to shame, out sneak a ninja despite being dressed head to toe in a bombastic shade of red &! Successfully defend you in court? As much as I like Lobster Johnson, Daredevil would mop the floor with him..... Blindfolded ;)