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Fight takes place in open field.

Starting distance is 20 feet

no morals

not blood lusted

typical gear

no prep

win via k.o. or death

New Mutants #8

who wins?

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Maybe Feral since Daredevil doesnt have prep. with prep i'd go with dd.

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She's only at one ton? That seems within DD's range of ability to deal with. I know there's healing factor and all that jazz too, but DD's skills are pretty top notch. He might be able to strangle her with the cord in his billy club or something like that. Not an easy win though.

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Daredevils handled worse,,,Matt FTW

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What are Ferals feats? Only thing I see on her comicvine page is the healing factor that could be a problem depending on the level.

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daredevil has beaten better

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daredevil ftw....feral only advantage here is the healing factor. But daredevil also know a lot of pressure points that could give him a win