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Who wins? Now for me this is a hard one and Im sad to say that Deathstroke just might win but I still have to go with DD.

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I like Daredevil, but I dont think he has a shot against Deathstroke.

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as much as i want daredevil to win, deathstroke wins, deathstroke can get his azz beat but not by daredevil.

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I'm gonna go with Deathstroke. He did take on an ass of JLAers during the identity crisis thing. I don't think DD could take on Flash, GL, Hawkman, etc. all at the same time and hold out the way 'stroke did.

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Deathstroke Sadly

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In broad daylight and out in the open, I'd give the win to Deathstroke.  However, it all depends on the environment.  Daredevil, probably more than any other hero, uses his environment to his advantage.  His radar sense gives him an edge in pitch-black spaces, or areas covered in fog or smoke.  The environment is what really comes into play.  Depending on the environment, that would determine the winner.

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Deathstroke could beat two Daredevils.

No environment would allow Daredevil to win.  Slade has plenty of enhanced senses as well and even a pitch black area would only slightly hinder him as he beats Daredevil down.


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I cant...take any deathstroke thing seriously......




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they are better greater fighter that can defeat deathstroke however daredevil is not one of them  deathstroke wins this match.

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